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Britons Hooked Up to Internet Still in Minority

By Stephen Cunningham

LONDON (Reuters) - Despite the government's attempts to promote the
information superhighway, Britons using the Internet are still in a
minority, according to a new survey on Tuesday.

The National Statistics survey showed only 45 percent of adults, or 20.5
million, had accessed the Internet up until October, unchanged from the
previous month.

When asked why they were not hooked up to the web, one-third expressed a
lack of interest, while others felt they had little need for it or
lacked the required skills or confidence.

But National Statistics said the number of users could rise over the
festive season if shoppers shy away from the High Street and venture
into cyberspace to order their presents.

The fact that 55 percent of Britons have never used the Internet will
make grim reading for the Labor Party, which has made access a key plank
of its ruling manifesto.


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