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Date Fri, 15 Dec 2000 02:14:49 -0000

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Well first, you gotta have faith.  Faith in yourself., faith in your
friends, faith in life.  Believe in the Ideal.....

Then, recursively, and incrementally, explore, learn, create, teach.

Communicate constantly... cherish diversity... and do not lose
sight of the big picture.

Stimulate imagination.  Seek feedback.  Self-actualise.

Possess and distribute sharpened tools of all descriptions.

Build databases, templates, and testbeds.

Know where to look.

Know the issues, and the technologies, players and other
background information.

Think strategically: why is it important?

Know the triage: attend only the needing, not the well, or the dead.

Be free through a focus on reliability, depth, and breadth.

Don't outgun them, OUTBREED them....

And know, that someday, someone you'll probably never meet, in a
place you'll probably never visit, will smile... because of something
you did.


PS: there really are no sides in conflict.  we are all humans and we
all live on the same planet.  which is very small and crowded
already and doesn't need any more bullets thankyou.  there are,
however, two conflicting strategies for accomplishing the same goal
(propagation of life).  The first strategy is to optionally encourage
more life.  The second strategy is to forcefully discourage existing
life.  This second strategy is the holder of multiple black marks.
But this does not mean that the people who use this strategy
should be condemned.  They probably grew up with it.  To me, the
best thing to do is to illustrate to them by way of example how they
could have a fuller life, if they'd just stop squashing it.  But there
are no quick fixes.

PPS: I have asked the same question and I have learned that using
your hands does not help you remove the boot.

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> (I've erased this email something like six times.)
> Stuart raises some good ethical questions.  I am still answering some of
> them for myself.  But let me pose a question to ponder in parallel.  What
> direct action IS allowed by your standard?  Can I shoot back?
> It's great if, like you say, both sides get equal opportunity to speak.
> This doesn't happen in the world I live in.  In my reality, I am on the
> (currently) losing side.  The weaker side.  The oppressed side.  How am I to
> get this boot off my neck if I'm not allowed to use my hands?

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