H/Activist ethics [was Re: NETSTRIKE 214.T]

From "Bradley D. Moore" <brad.moore@circlecity.net>
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 15:55:32 -0500

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(I've erased this email something like six times.)

Stuart raises some good ethical questions.  I am still answering some of
them for myself.  But let me pose a question to ponder in parallel.  What
direct action IS allowed by your standard?  Can I shoot back?

It's great if, like you say, both sides get equal opportunity to speak.
This doesn't happen in the world I live in.  In my reality, I am on the
(currently) losing side.  The weaker side.  The oppressed side.  How am I to
get this boot off my neck if I'm not allowed to use my hands?

Bradley D. Moore, CCDA, CCNA, CNE

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