Re: Warzael's Rant (Was Living in the mind of Big Brother)

From Heather <>
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 22:42:05 -0000

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I might be a bit thick, and I'm not American, Christian, Jewish or a witch
(maybe that's why I can't quite get the point of this debate as to who's got
the better credentials in the persecution stakes) but what has this got to
do with hacktivism? Aren't there chat-lines or something for these
subjects?-It makes nice easy reading in between arguments about whose got
the best encryption method and whether paedophiliac snuff movies exist on
the net or not, not to mention whether the Truckers or the environmentalists
have the better arguments, cause the most disruption or paint the best
banners and who's side the media are on-oh yeah and there's the never ending
fluffy/spiky argument, not to mention whether the Internet Watch Foundation
want to ban alt.homosexuality or intend to hold a public consultation,
whether or not the Global Resource Bank is the answer to poverty and
environmental destruction,
how successful Jack Straw and cronies 25million crack squad of global cyber
cops will be against cyber terrorism, where, to whom and how much damage the
Navidad virus has done and how to cure it, what should be done about the
illegal presence of GM tortilla chips on Safeway's
shelves..................oh, sorry-am I off topic?-never mind, what was I
saying-oh yeah-where exactly was that the witch got burnt?-do tell, I've got
a mate that's a witch-I wonder if she could make all the garbage in my
in-box disappear or turn outlook express into something better than an
apology of a mail reader?-anyone got a good recipe for red Thai curry or
chicken soup?-I could do with a cure for canine flatulence too.
p.s. sorry-did this turn into a rant?, I didn't mean it to, it's just, well,
everyone has suddenly got so chatty I didn't like to feel left out, hope I
didn't bore anyone......
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Subject: Re: Warzael's Rant (Was Living in the mind of Big Brother)
> " Next to the Jews, Christianity has
> historically been the most persecuted religion on the planet."
> I think the pagan community would have something to say about that.

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