PrOphet forgot to take his Prozac again

From Tom Anderson <>
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 10:45:22 MST

[: hacktivism :]

Does anyone else find the antics of "PrOphet" as humorous as I?

This list appears to be an open forum, but that wasn't good enough for the 
"Perception Controlling PrOphet".  Nope, had to create an exclusive little 
corner of "Perception Management".  The only way to get in was to pass an 
application process (presumably created & evaluated by said PrOphet).

But creating the little La La Land of "PrOphet Controlled Perception" wasn't 
good enough.  No no no.  Keeps on sticking a head out of the Ivory Tower and 
spouting opinion in this neck of the woods. And when anyone dares comment or 
critique *BOOM* How dare you how dare you how dare you & *POP* the head 
burrows back into the Ivory Tower.

To sum it up: the PrOphet continually preaches against the PrOphet.  It's 
quite amazing actually, the dichotomy of free thinking versus control which 
battle like dragons throughout the PrOphet's posts.
Controlled Free Thought
Controlled Free Thought

I am trembling with anticipation awaiting the replies to this one...

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