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From Andrea Levinge <andrea@videoworkshop.com>
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2000 08:38:31 +0800

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Things are pretty steamed up around here. In the philippines, in the lowest
barrio, lie the whispers of a coup d'e'tat.
There will be a wide people power movement today or in the near future.
Estrada has gone too far. The Filipinos will impeach him.
Estrada seems to be a study in corruption and power. the kind of person
hacktivists are trying to repress. There is proof that he has purchased 150
million peso houses, was involved in murders and kidnapping and other
depressing matters. I don't know if the international papers have gotten
hold of it yet, but the Chavit Singson guy, the one who spoke against him,
well - his son has gone missing since last Friday.

Just thought I'd let everyone know. Though this has precious little to do
with hacktivism, it does have something to do with standing up for what you
believe in.


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