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> I know this is irrelevant to most ppl here, BUT
> *just in case* there is someone(s) lurking about
> that may be able to use it, that certainly would
> make it worthwhile posting this....we need all
> the help we can get on this thing...

Teh way I see it is this:

1. there are a whole bunch of people who want to Make A Difference
2. there are a whole bunch of people who know how
3. this list puts them in touch (of course you should post it :)

4. it does not matter what cause we have - what we are all really 
aiming for is a Fair Go.  All we really want is to have a happy life.  

5. there are many things in the world that lessen our enjoyment of 
our lives.  Some of them are very big and call themselves 
governments.  But their size or power does not mean they are good 
at their self-appointed job.  It is not possible for them to be - they 
are heirarchies, life is not.  It was foolish of anybody to think that 
the 'welfare state' could work.

6. Einstein sez, peace cannot be achieved by force, it can only be 
achieved through understanding.  This means, if we are gonna 
improve the quality of our lives, we cannot simply take back was is 
ours (eg. our freedom), even though we own it.  We have to 
convince the nice doggie to give us back our bone (it is a stupid 
game that any self-respecting doggie grows out of).

7. a good way to accelerate this process is:

> International Civil Society Dialogue
> on Trade, Financial Markets and Climate Policy.

Who knows what the optimal path is?  Not a single person.  But is 
we all work it our TOGETHER.... there's a much greater chance of 
happiness.  Diversity is strength... 

...which is why heirarchical government must end, because it 
works in quite the opposite manner, focusing responsibility on a 
single person, rather than creating opportunities for everybody.  
This monolithic approach will fail at many different points before 
collapsing entirely. I know I don't need to explain this bit to 
programmers...  it is why the internet uses dynamic rerouting.  
Fault-tolerance.. "withstand a nuclear attack".  Tell me how a 
single person can do THAT.  But two people can do it easy - they 
just need to stay well apart.  And if there are 6 *billion* people, and 
they are everywhere, well, there's nobody to attack, is there.

8. Our mission is thus to replace these socio-political monoliths 
before they die.  This must be done very carefully, as they could 
take us with them - it is a symbiotic relationship of mutual 
dependency.  But think of all those big, old mainframe programs 
you may have seen on airline booking screens.  Think of what it 
was like to routinely submit your work for overnight batch 
processing.  That was the mentality of the times that created this 
world we now live in - mechanistic thinking from the industrial 
revolution, where people were considered machines, and society a 
"System" which could be manipulated.  Did they really think they 
could control the world?  It doesn't matter anymore, we just have to 
clean up the mess.

9.  as you say, back to business.  Cleaning up the mess probably 
involves porting our monolithic routines to object-oriented routines... 
which means devolving power back to 'everyday' people.  And then, 
the arguments over *who* should pick up the litter will end, and 
someone will just pick it up, because they want to.

10. replace one routine with another?  Don't anarchists want no 
routine at all?  I dunno - but I see a legitimate, facilitative role for 
governance ..... in contrast to the prescriptive role it has attempted 
to play.  I mean, even everyone on this list had to send a subscribe 
command to SOMEWHERE.  This new millennium is about 
discovering the harmonies between instruction and direction.  Yes 
we do need a little structure so we can make our computers talk.  
No we do not need so much structure it is a crime to think.  

Balance, as always, is the required skill.

> Greetz All....I'm baaaack....

heh - scan me baby.

powered by Kundalini

(who really wanted to weave in a pointer, but thought that might be 
stretching the metaphor ... or my command of it, anyway)

(and who is also penning his next diatribe, which will observe that 
(1) an organism's ability to survive is dependent upon the rate at 
which it is able to adapt to changes in its environment.. and that (2) 
centralised authority becomes increasingly unresponsive ... and  
conclude that with time, centralised authority becomes 
increasingly toxic to our species.)

And who might add, that when faced with death, life does crazy 
stuff.. and since yes, we are actually discussing the sustainability 
of human life, centralised authorities might want to give up now.  It 
is simply egocentricity to persist, O King Canute.

(and yes, I am posting this to two listservers at once. ;)
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