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To: zoescanner <zoescanner@yahoo.com> 
From: "Stefan Rostock"
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2029 15:58:11 +0200 
Subject: [StopWTORound] Invitation to join Debate
21, Bonn/Germany Oct. 18th-20th 
Invitation to join Debate 21

International Civil Society Dialogue
on Trade, Financial Markets and Climate Policy.
Bonn/Germany October 18th - 20th, 2000

Dear Friends and Activists!

Debate 21, a global NGO dialogue project is
organising an international
conference. Debate 21 was initiated by
GERMANWATCH and WEED and steered by
an international steering.
>From the 18th to the 20th of October 2000
NGO-activists, scientists and
journalists from five continents will discuss the
topics climate policy,
financial architecture and trade. The
globalisation and its effects on the
environment and the relation between rich and
poor demands that we together
take part in the creation of global, equitable
and environmentally sound
sustainable development by developing alternative
The conference provides good opportunities to
discuss various NGO positions.

We want to invite NGOs from all over the world to
learn and to contribute to
the current debate. The Debate 21 Team is looking
forward to your
confirmation and your active participation in the
global debate. Please
spread this invitation among interested
colleagues and other NGOs.

Please find attached a conference programme and a
registration form, the
same information is also at the end of this
Kind regards,

Peter Wahl, WEED
Stefan Rostock, Project Co-ordination
Rainer Engels, GERMANWATCH

Debate 21 Conference Programme

Opening Plenary Day

15.00 | Welcome and Coffee
15.30 | Debate 21, the process - Welcome and
Heidi Feldt (WEED, Germany)
Welcome Address
Pia Heckes (Mayor of the City of Bonn)

Keynote Speech: First Signs of a New Global
Movement - Civil Society at Dawn
Jean-Pierre Leroy (Fase, Brazil)

Keynote Speech: Analysis of a Democratic,
Equitable and Environmentally
Development in times of Globalisation
Nicola Bullard (Focus on the Global South,

Discussion: Civil Society in the Age of
Moderator: Peter Wahl (WEED, Germany)

18.30 | Dinner Buffet, Live Music

The following day, Thursday, October 19th,
consists of three parallel
Working Groups covering three different topics.
There will be two
introductions in each session (approx. 10-15
minutes each), followed by a
discussion. Participants are welcome to change
Working Groups during breaks!

Steps Towards a Sustainable
Trade Regime

09.00 | Global Trade and the Role of Social and
Environmental Standards
Andreas Botsch (DGB, Germany), Pradeep S. Mehta
(CUTS, India) and
Tetteh Hormeku (TWN, Ghana)

10.40 | Coffee break
11.00 | Global Trade and the Question of Market
Access, Prices and Subsidies
in the Agricultural Sector
Gerard Choplin (Via Campesina/CPE, Belgium) and
Hella-Karen Alikuru*
(IUF, Kenya)

12.45 | Lunch break
14.30 | Alternatives to the WTO
Dot Keet (AIDC, South Africa) and Ronnie Hall
(FoEI, UK)

16.00 | Coffee break
16.20 | Strategies and Further Action
Adalberto Martins (MST, Brazil) and Thierry
Kesteloot (OXFAM, Belgium)

18.00 | Dinner Reception with the Mayor of Bonn
Pia Heckes, Old Town Hall,

Sustainability, Social Justice and
the International Financial System

09.00 | Regulating International Financial
Kavaljit Singh (PIRC, India) and Bruno Jetin
(ATTAC, France)

10.40 | Coffee break
11.00 | The Role of International Financial
Institutions (IMF/World
Carol Welch (FoE, USA), Fernando Cardim de
Carvalho (ibase,
Brazil) and Magda Stoczkiewicz (CEE bankwatch,

12.45 | Lunch break
14.30 | International Financial Markets and the
Private Sector
(Institutional Investors, TNCs)
Myriam Vander Stichele (SOMO, NL) and Alejandro
Villamar (RMALC, Mexico)

16.00 | Coffee break
16.20 | Strategies: How to make Financial Markets
and Institutions
more responsive to Social Demands and Development
Jan Kregel (UNCTAD, USA) and Carlos Tiburcio
(ATTAC, Brazil)

18.00 | Dinner Reception with the Mayor of Bonn
Pia Heckes, Old Town Hall,

Sustainability, Climate Change and the
International Climate Policy

09.00 | Ten Years of Global Climate Negotiations:
A Paradigm for Future
Joyeeta Gupta (IVM-VU, The Netherlands, India)
and Stefan Singer
(WWF, Brussels)
10.40 | Coffee break

11.00 | Equity and Entitlement, the Precautionary
Principle, Economical
and Ecological Efficiency - What is the Key to
the Climate Problem?
Achila Imchen (CSE, India), Frances MacGuire
(FoEI, FoE ENWI, UK) and
Christoph Bals (GERMANWATCH, Germany)
12.45 | Lunch break

14.30 | Making the Polluter Pay for
Climate-Related Environmental Damages
Richard Douthwaite (Global Commons Institute, UK)
and Ulrich Denkhaus
(Protestant Church, Germany)

16.00 | Coffee break
16.20 | Development and Climate - A No-Regret
Strategy for the South
Liam Salter (WWF, Europe) and A. Atiq Rahman
(BCAS, Bangladesh)

18.00 | Dinner Reception with the Mayor of Bonn
Pia Heckes, Old Town Hall,

Closing plenary Day
09.00 | Opening
Michael Baumann (GERMANWATCH, Germany)
Who controls Globalisation - The critical
relationship between the State and
Civil Society
Uschi Eid (Secretary of State, German Federal
Ministry for Economic
Co-operation and Development)
>From the Age of Development to the Age of
Globalisation - A Northern
Wolfgang Sachs (Wuppertal Institute, Germany)
11.00 | Press Conference, Coffee break

11.30 | Results of the three working groups:
Trade and Investment,
Financial Architecture and Climate Policy
by rapporteurs

12.30 | Lunch break
14.00 | Panel discussion: Civil Society
Strategies: Developing
Alternatives to the Neo-Liberal Model

Dot Keet (AIDC, South Africa), Peter Wahl (WEED,
Germany), Fernanda Carvalho
(ibase, Brazil), Carol Welch (FoE US, USA), Jose
Bove* (Farmer and
Activist, CP, France)

15.30 | Coffee break

16.00 | Elements of an Alternative Strategy to
Neo-Liberal Globalisation
Special Guest

The Civil Society Agenda for the upcoming decade
(closing speech)
Michael Windfuhr (GERMANWATCH, Germany)
17.00 | End of the Conference

The making of debate 21
There is a common agreement that strategies for
achieving an equitable and
environmentally sound development in a democratic
way need to be
established. But where and by whom should these
strategies be developed,
implemented and controlled (on the regional,
national or international
levels)? What is the role of NGOs and civil
society in this context? Clearly
strategies towards sustainability can only be
found if all those affected by
such decisions work together. But is there a
common ground for action? To
give NGOs, grass-root-organisations and other
experts from the North and the
South, East and West the chance to discuss these
questions, the German NGOs
GERMANWATCH and WEED established the project
Debate 21. The discussion is
focused on the three topics: Trade and
Investment, Financial Architecture
and Climate Policy.
In the course of the process it turned out, that
the trade and climate
sectors have their specific conflict lines -
without showing a distinct
north-south division in positions. The finance
sector is a special case for
two reasons: so far only a few NGOs and social
movements are involved in the
discussion, and those which are, hardly differ in
their positions. Since
January 1999 Debate 21 provides a forum to
discuss critical issues within
the global NGO movement. People from grassroots,
think tanks and all types
of NGOs use this forum to develop and exchange
ideas and strategies on
workshops and via internet. Together, we might be
able to identify
differences and develop common strategies to
tackle the problems of
globalisation, liberalisation and their negative
social and environmental

Registration Form:
Please register me for the Debate 21 Conference
"International Civil Society
Dialogues on Sustainability in Trade,
International Financial Architecture
and Climate Policy" 18th-20th October 2000, Bonn,
First Name ______________________________________
Last Name ______________________________________
O f O m
Organisation (full name and abbreviation please)
Address ________________________________________
Fax _____________________________________________
email ___________________________________________
Phone _________________________________________
WWW ___________________________________________
Date/time of arrival ___________ /___________
Date/time of departure ___________ /___________

Please mark with a cross:
O I will stay all three days, 18th-20th and pay
(food and conference folder
included) O 60 DEM O 30 DEM (reduced fee).
O I will only come to the final day and pay (food
and conference material
included) O 30 DEM O 15 DEM (reduced fee).
O Please book a bed for me in a O double room (45
DEM) O single room
(75 DEM) x _______ nights
for a total amount of ________ DEM.
I would like to share a room
O I will organise accommodation on my own.
O I probably will visit the workshop on (check
* Sustainable Trade
* International Financial Architecture
* Climate Policy
O I need a personalised letter of invitation in
order to apply for a visa
(please give the following information):
Date of Birth __________________ Place of Birth
Passport No. ____________________
Passport issued at (date/place)
____________________ /
O This letter needs also to be faxed to the
German embassy in my country.
Fax No.: ____________________________
Date ______________________

Date: 18th-20th October 2000, Bonn
Venue: The Conference is taking place at:
18th-19th: Conference Centre: International Youth
Forum CJD, Graurheindorfer
Straße. 149, D - 53117 Bonn
20th: Beethovenhalle Bonn, Wachsbleiche 16, 53111
Bonn, Germany
The welcome and reception desk opens October
18th, at 1pm at the Conference

There is a limited number of beds available at
the CJD. The costs are 75,-
DM per night per person in a single room and 45,-
DM per night per person in
a double room. The beds will be distributed
according to the order of

The conference fee - including a documentation of
the event - amounts to
60,- DM for all three days (with reduction 30,-
DM) If you only take part
in the final day, the fee is 30,- DM (red. 15,-

Please transfer your participation fee to the
Debate 21 bank account: Sparda
Bank Koeln eG, Account N° 400947466, bank N° 370
605 90 or pay the fee at
the reception desk, when you arrive.
Please return the registration by 30.09. 2000,
either by fax or by
Fax: +49/228/9652428 or
Mail: | Debate 21 | Kaiserstr. 201 | D - 53113
Bonn | Germany |
Email: debate21@debate21.org

Or you can also register using our web site

Debate 21
Stefan Rostock
Kaiserstr. 201
D - 53113 Bonn
Tel: +49/228/9652426
Fax: +49/228/9652428
Debate 21 ist ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt von
Germanwatch und WEED


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