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Date Wed, 4 Oct 2000 11:42:38 +0100

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...the govt forensic people collect files on stuff.  I have seen them, 
they worked in 'Information Services'. They employ people to read 
all kinds of different newspapers and journals, those people take 
copies of articles they think are interesting.

They presumably work from a list of topics.. (cue for hacktivist to 
circulate list of topics regularly monitored by govt)

When I saw them in 1998 they did not have a very advanced 
mechanism of filing their saved articles, eg, not OCR.  But they are 
very meticulous and probably will do a comparable job to a 
keyword search, although they may take a long time to respond to 
a query.

But the point is, they collect information..... that is not necessarily 
connected to any particular government function... and then share 
it between themselves via a search service.

This is likely to be the exterior of a very large and powerful 

I feel as hacktivists, we should emulate this function in some way.

I am about to type in some very lengthy articles and I hope I'm not 
wasting my time. :-)

I want more HARDCORE.  That means, more websites, forwards,  
cross-posts, hacks, and mirrors than ever.

If you see a fire, do you shout "fire", or let it burn?  What if the 
school bully lit it, and he wants it left lit... but people will die if it's 
not put out?  Worse, what if you overcome your fear of 
recrimination and call the Fire Dept.. only to have the school bully 
answer the phone???  That is when you become a hacktivist.  
When you realise that the Fire Dept starts fires to pay the rent.


PS: the security of their large databases was a farce, which is not 
surprising since we are discussing govt entity.  That we are also 
discussing the security of millions of forensic documents, I find 
particularly disturbing.  I therefore find suggestions of key escrow, 
and the like, intolerable - govt security is proven vulnerable:

Step 1. gain employment as contractor.  Security clearance forms 
are filled in, but take weeks to process!  During that time, you are 
employed........ this gets you past the front door and into the office.

Step 2. make friends with colleagues.  They will tell you 
passwords, tricks to get around smartcard readers (such as going 
via the postroom), and the location of keys...

Step 3. do your job.  clean up any loose ends.  Unfortunately for 
Darksiders, their work leaves loose ends.  Therefore, when you tug 
one, bits of their plan unravel.  If you make it your job to tug them, 
their plan is revealed.

Step 4. leave, permanently, without being executed, blackmailed or 

Step 5. note that your previous actions have demonstrated how 
govt security can be defeated.  Their core problem is they needed 
someone to fix their computers.  I was benign, but if I wanted to 
steal someone's crypto key, or some other piece of information, I 
could have - in fact entire databases were vulnerable, many times.. 
and I bet they still are.  They should have been certain that I did not 
want to do stuff like that before they gave me the ability to.  But 
they did not, and that is why they are losers.  Of course, they 
_cannot_ be certain, which is why key escrow is such a Dumb 
Idea in the first place.  

The only person you can trust with your privacy is You.

I am still reeling that someone has suggested that working for them 
will help!!!!!!!!  But anyway that's how crap they are, sick 'em Rex.

PPS: Why is it crap?  Because they don't CARE.  All they care 
about is money and power.  But we have been here before.

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