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Date Wed, 4 Oct 2000 11:42:37 +0100

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hey dude,

post-modernism is a bunch of crap, everything has NOT been 
invented already.  You, for example, are a unique blend of DNA.  
You will never be repeated....

This means that everything around you must be also new in some 
way.  As it happens, everything pretty well has its own DNA, so it's 
unique without any encouragement.

result: total chaos

POP culture and that whole line of Andy Warhol thinking was 
totally off the mark.  Someone left the word "evolution" out of his 
vocabulary.  If he had that word, he could see that things do 
change, that new does happen - it just takes a while, longer than 
HIS attention span, perhaps?

>  Few it seems, give a jolly damn about the consequences of their
>  action.

These people are fools, and will learn the error of their ways in their 
own time (the rapidity of their realisation depends on how foolish 
they are).  The consequences of ones actions cannot be escaped, 
ever.  They become part of the picture.  Part of the person.  So 
there's no reason to accomodate that line of thinking, it is 
unsustainable.. so do not worry about selfish people - they will get 
theirs.  Positive/negative karma, etc.

Do not worry!  

Anybody who has cared for a garden knows that everything 
certainly is not now.  Flowers take time to grow.  It was the shallow 
thinking, arrogance of the time that allowed people to forget this 
fact.  To think that it did not matter what they did to their 
environment, because they controlled it.  Command and control - 
sound familiar?  Those that know better have either 1) the word 
Karma in their vocabulary or 2) an understanding of evolutionary 
processes (they are the same thing).

So anyway it's well established, by both Time and by Science, that 
what goes around comes around... and this works for both nice 
things, and not-so-nice things.

> computer crime specialists of the Secret Service is ludicrously 
> and inept at any efforts to stop the waves of attacks that 
> launch daily on the digitally innocent. As paladins, we owe it to
> these authorities to help them in their quest. 

As paladins, we owe it to SOMEBODY.... but who???  Do you 
really think the secret service are the people who will put your 
skills to best use?

Why don't you go work for an animal exploitation company, since 
they make nice perfume?  Fix all the computers and make it real 
easy for them to torture more animals than ever.  

When you're done there, head over to the FBI - they do the same 
thing, but with people, and they have more computers than anyone.

Uh-huh, it would be lovely if that was rhetoric, but I'm afraid I have 
worked for govt computer forensics and I have to say, they are the 
nastiest, most untrustworthy people I have ever dealt with.

If you REALLY think you can save the world with better policing, go 
right ahead and try it, but you will wreck your life, and the lives of 
those around you.

If your five-year-old child draws on the wall, do you take away the 

IF YES: child will draw on wall again, with other implements.

Taking the crayons is addressing the SYMPTOM of the issue.  
You can police all the other implements, but STILL the child will 
write on the wall, using excrement if necessary.  

If you want to stop the writing on the wall, you must speak to the 
child and explain why writing on the wall is bad.  This is the only 
sustainable solution.

It is a simple matter of punishment vs. reinforcement as a training 
mechanism.  Psychology 101 mate.

So anyway, if it's simple, why then do we have massive law 
enforcement structures???

Something doesn't add up.  Go work for them and find out.

Tom sez: "it's nothing to do with xyz and everthing to do with power 
and money".  That accurately describes the function of law 
enforcement from my perspective also.

This just in:


Cocaine Importation Agency

'Whiteout.  The CIA, Drugs and the Media' by Alexander Cockburn 
& Jeffery St Clair.  Paperback launch November 27th. US 
Embassy, London.


huh?  Oh, thats news that the CIA are the worlds' biggest drug 
dealers?  Hmm,

Go right ahead, save the world, sell some crack today.

<technical tip: know who you are dealing with BEFORE you deal 
with them>

(who is replying now because people are still debating ethics)

QOTD: "If the success or failure of this planet, and of human 
beings depended on how I am and what I do; How would I be? 
What would I do?" -- Buckminster Fuller 

On 28 Aug 2000, at 14:14, Saoirse Zarcae wrote:
>    Of what benefit is there in fighting darksiders? Of what gain is
>    there in
> thwarting their advances into the souls of our people? What use is
> there in resisting this element amongst us which rejects honor, which
> rejects knowledge, which rejects curiosity; which rejects all that is
> good, and clean, and noble and yet allows baseness, corruption and
> dishonor to flow so freely amongst the hearts and minds of our people?

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