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Date Fri, 29 Sep 2000 23:28:43 GMT

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This is my first post.  I'm not a hacker, but I'm learning Java and
javascript.  I am hoping to experiment with hacktivism in the future,
after I learn more.  I'm not here to find a tutor or anything, though. 
I see that there seems to be a discussion of internet porn taking place
on this list.  I don't know if anyone on this list would be interested,
but there is a list on egroups called sexploitation which is just
getting off the ground.  It has gotten off to a rocky start, due to
venomous debates between masculists and feminists.  Now, the debate
between masculists and feminists has been removed to a list called
DiscussionBetweenWomenAndMen, and both genders are understanding each
other much better.  The sexploitation list is trying to focus upon
strategy and networking without overwhelming peoples' inboxes with
tangents.  Anyway, on the sexploitation list, I have pretty much become
the default webmaster for our soon-to-be website, although I took on
the role willingly.  I am still in the process of evolving an approach
to a sexploitation list.  There is a consensus that has developed among
us on the sexploitation list that we don't want to censor.  We would
prefer to engage in culture-jamming and other, more creative
approaches.  We are struggling to define whether, and how, the male
point of view should be integrated into the whole culture-jamming

I would love to get the input of some of you for our fledgling culture
jamming website.  You would have a lot to contribute.  If you are not
interested, then I understand.  I will not bring it up again.

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