Re: HBPPM Accepting Applications

From jjf <>
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2000 00:53:33 +0100

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>     That is why some of us don't post, Bronc. I've been reading these
>     emails
> since their creation. I think I have a complete back up. But then again, I
> don't really have the knowledge to follow up what some people have said.
> Like I said, some of us don't post. To some of us, it's a learning
> experience =)

I think that the problem is things are straying substantially from what the original hacktivism discussion were all about to more specific debates on certain topics which some people don't seem to think belong to the realm of hacktivism but instead on a religious or sexual morality list. Who am I to say what belongs and does not belong on this list  - I expect the current moderator is thinking pretty much the same and in the absence of any more relevant postings s/he is letting this kind of stuff through.
Good to see you're still on board though Bronc.


P.S.: for those of you into statistics and/or the Echelon issue, hits for "Echelon" on Google are up to 205000 from 180000 a month ago and hits for "Echelon+signal+interception" are at 769, while a month ago they were static at around 615. Not bad, eh?

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