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From Tom Anderson <>
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2000 11:54:20 MDT

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Child Porn is a Red Herring.

Like the, Just Say No policy which was endorsed by a first lady pill popper. 
  OK, so "street drug" use is down among kids, but now their whacked out on 
state approved ritalin/prozac.  State approved drug dealers.  State approved 

Sure the concept of Child Porn is sick.  Anyone involved is a monster.  BUT  
there is an inverse proportion between the number of child pornographers and 
the number of articles/speeches written about it.  Child Pornography is the 
club the governments are using to smash personal freedoms and liberties.

In the 1940s and 1950s in America, American citizens were blacklisted and 
persectuted for the crimes of not belonging to a recognized church  or not 
belonging to either the Democratic or Republican Parties.  They were 
labelled Communists.  Most "free thinkers" and "independants" were blasted 
as Communists.  The same exact sitauation occurred in the early 1900s in 
America, the only difference was the buzz word was "anarachist", not 

Child Pornography is the first buzz word of the 21st century.  In the 
logical/rhetoric paradigm, everyone must oppose child pornography!!!  The is 
no argument FOR child pornography.  There are NO mediating circumstances 
under which child pornography can occur.  (Side Note - It's my personal view 
that any reporter who has to download child porn onto his laptop to look at 
it "for research" is just a maggot anyway.  Let the reporter bust heels and 
break into an  actual Porn Ring, find a cartel of porn smugglers, look at it 
on their computer.  Shit, it's probably Eschelon & Carnivore who are behind 
setting up these numerous child porn archives anyway)

Back to the argument, therefore, in our Artistotlian world view, in our 
totalitarian Big Brother View, the only logical answer is IF YOU ARE NOT 
AGAINST CHILD PORN, YOU'RE FOR IT!!!  That's the trap.

I'm not for it or against it.  I think it's a fake.  I think the CIA, FBI, 
Wackenhunt, The octopus, The WTO, the Tri-Latereral Commission, tyhe 
Bilderburg Group, and all the real/phony fronts have a VESTED INTEREST IN 
there are thousands of child porn archives, then there must be hundreds of 
child pornographers and millions of child porn viewers.  Bull shit.  We're 
not that fucked up as a species.

Avoid it.  Child Porn on the Internet is a Tar baby.  Touch it and you're 
stuck.  & they'll catch you.

Besides the biggest child pornographer is Calvin Klein.  His billboards and 
ads are obscene.

& what's with Hollywood's (movies & TV's) obsession with having 
twenty-something waifs with huge breasts play the roles of teenagers and 
high school chicks?  In fact a gold star to anyone who can name the LAST 
Hollywood movie/TV show which has had a late teen teenager role played by a 
teenager in their late teens.

Tar Baby.  Don't touch.

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