Re: Warzael Zarcae

From Saoirse Zarcae <>
Date Mon, 4 Sep 2000 19:53:25 -0700 (PDT)

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First: I DO have to apologize for my blatant error in callign Bloodaxe
"deceased". My understanding is that he had been, two years ago, in a fatal
car accident outside of Austin, shortly after his ast Phrack editorial. My
fault completely. Also. Many of you have expressed an interest in hearing
more about the group. I'm online much of the time, under the AIM screen name
Warzael31337 (the numeric part a joke on script kiddies). Feel free to IM me
if you see me online. I hold lectures often, on server, in
channel #zarcae, and I'm usually there from 9 pm (eastern noth america time
one) to midnight, for those who wish to get up with me that way. Also,
another way to catch up with me is to e-mail me at That's my tracker address. I'm a musician, and I
release my ambient works there. My first public ambient release is there
(Solemnity) so be sure to check it out. Yesssss this is shameful plugging.

Anyways....till next time! Same Bat time! Same Bat channel!

*Founder of Warzael Zarcae

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