HBPPM Outline v1.1

From Visceroth <alden@wolf-web.com>
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2000 04:32:08 -0500

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Greetz all.

Okay here is the expanded idea for what exactly the HBPPM should do.This is
my view anyway, but everyone is welcome to contribute. We want the HBPPM to
become a premier force online then everyone should make their contribution.
Here then, is my vision.
The Hacktivist Bureau of Public Perception Management is to be the
underground equivalent of the NSA, to a degree. We know what is going on,
or at least try to, we keep our ears to the ground etc. We are public
relations, we try to spruce up the image of the underground, and failing
that use our current image to our advantage. As well as, to put it bluntly,
spreading disinformation so no one is entirely sure what is fact and what
is fiction, confusion can work to our advantage. 
If someone is in trouble I would hope they could come to us for advice,
support and help. Another of our functions would be Damage Control. When
the excrement hits the whiring blades we are the guys who fix things. That
is a grossly simplified version of my vision. The more people the better,
perhaps within HBPPM we can have designated sections for various functions
too. Disinfo Deparment etc eh?

Visceroth- aka The pr0phet

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