Choke Carnivore Day

From Michael Clark <>
Date Mon, 28 Aug 2000 10:10:04 -0400

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I just received a press release about "Choke Carnive Day." I am 
passing it on as I was asked to.

Does anyone know anything about the "Tyranny Response Team?" Thanks, Michael

--start of press release

Tyranny Response Team of Florida calls for "Choke Carnivore Day".

PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY. Choke Carnivore Day, September 1, 2000

August 28, 2000


Flooding of emails to choke FBI web monitoring system.

Much is known as is unknown about the "diagnostic tool" (the FBI 
calls it just that) called Carnivore.
It can be assumed that though there are rulings against uncontrolled 
use of Carnivore to scan every email that is routed through the 
Internet, the power of Carnivore is absolutely corrupting. And the 
corruption is already there given the past performance of this 
justice department.

On September 1st, 2000, activists will be using a list of keywords in 
our email messages. We encourage all concerned parties to do the 
same. We will also be using IRC and sending these keywords to each 
other. The objective is to make Carnivore choke on the vast amounts 
of data it may receive.

Choke Carnivore Day is not a new concept. September 21, 1999 went 
down in web history as “Jam Echelon Day”. This was in response to the 
use of a system called Echelon by the National Security Agency to 
scan communications media worldwide. The objective was to increase 
the workload of Echelon so much that it was bogged down with data or 
those who scan the data get backlogged.  Jamming Echelon was a simple 
process and is to be used to choke Carnivore: keywords in email 
messages at the least, keywords in all data packets such as those 
sent by chat room servers and “Instant Message” programs will also be 

How effective this is to disrupt Carnivore, admittedly, is arguable. 
The FBI insists that Carnivore, being physically installed on ISPs 
and scanning the data flow, be only directed at targeted individuals 
and only when a warrant to do so is issued. Once again, given the 
past performance of the DOJ and the many allegations of blank 
warrants and other abuses, how can we be sure Carnivore is under 

By ramming astronomical amounts of data down Carnivore’s throat, we 
can demonstrate that the consent of the governed is not something to 
be ignored. If the FBI is following the rules and only scanning 
certain email accounts, then they will not have any problems. If 
Carnivore is openly scanning everything that comes through the ISP, 
they will be neck-deep in data. Of course, to admit to having a 
problem from Choke Carnivore Day would also be an admission of 
illegal and unconstitutional activity.

Founded in February of 2000, the Tyranny Response Team is a 
grass-roots organization dedicated to the absolute restoration of the 
Bill of Rights, and further, to strict adherence to the legal and 
moral principles of the Declaration of Independence, upon which this 
nation was founded. They have chapters in over twenty states and 
engage in program of peaceful (albeit loud) demonstration, public 
debate, education, and politics.

--end of press release

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