Re: Hacktivism: Synthetic Avatars in Neospace(Hammond)

From Visceroth <>
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2000 06:29:19 -0500

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Dear Mr Hammond

I don't use thesauruses, their definitions are rigidly controlled by The
System (so to speak). Pray tell me wise sir, what is juvenile about my
speech? If anything your post sounds exactly like what one of Them (whoever
They may be) would say. As for my rhetoric being antisocial, what is
antisocial about it? All I am suggesting is that we use the very tools used
to supress us against our supressors. I like to lace my words with venom,
and I like to speak eloquently. Eloquence of tongue seems to be a lost art,
don't you think? Oh, but don't take my response personally. For all I know
you meant to come across as you did.

Carpe Diem


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