Hactivism Bureau of Public Perception Management

From Tom Anderson <slideglide@hotmail.com>
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2000 10:23:10 MDT

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Mr. Visceroth, aka The PrOphet, count me in as a member of of HBPPM.  I've 
been mulling over ideas in my noggin through the night, but don't know if 
this is the best place to discuss them considering the Flame post from Mr. 
H.Hammond.  As this is my first post to this list & I am a member for less 
than 24 hours, can someone out there give me a hint of protocol??

Is your suggestion towards HBPPM a topic which should have it's own forum?  
Or do we freely discuss it here, although the rhetoric and grammer are 
clearly an offense to certain members of the list (which is an important 
nore, Mr. H had no problems with What you proposed, rather he was appalled 
by the language, format, and style.  Welcome to the age of Font)

Anyway, I wait eagerly for reply, as I would like to discuss 
counter-activist propoganda to the Disney/Turner world view and other 
related memes...

All Hail Discordia!


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