RE: Philadelphia Repression: What Can Be Done?

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Date Sun, 6 Aug 2000 18:35:03 -0700

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Hiawatha Bray
Tech Reporter
Boston Globe

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your attitude, words, and spirit only serve your masters. your words only
make my convictions stronger about people who focus on technology and their
detachment from compassion. the point was not about people whinning that
they went to jail after breaking the laws.  how do you justify the police
raids on people making puppets before the protests even started. there were
no laws being broken. how is walking around talking on the phone breaking a
law or protesting??  the incidences that are total breach of civic duty were
not happening on street corners with people blocking traffic or fucking with
laws, etc.

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 everyone else

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 I wanted to pose the question of what can we do with all this technology
that is so strong and powerful it changes the face of society every where it
reaches. it reinvents power structures, it is a communications technology...
it is about freeing information, moving markets, community, truth...

 It was not supposed to be a question of what you think (analysis,
rationalizing) about what is supposed to happen when a bunch of people
protest -- openly break laws, etc. -- and get punished for it. (and I bet
they expected it just as they got it)

 It was a question of action and feeling. for example this appeared

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