The Book of The Network

From Visceroth <>
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 20:53:39 -0500

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                                      The Book of The Network

                             As Divinely Revealed to The Pr0phet

1.1 In the Beginning, there was Void, and from Void came
Telephone.Telephone gave birth to Cyberspace, the basic plane of
communications, but Telephone was lonely. 

1.2 So Void created ARPANET,and Cyberspace grew.

1.3 And it  came to pass that ARPANET grew old, and began changing until it
became Internet.

1.4 Internet was vast and strong and easily overpowered Telephone in the
monopoly of Cyberspace, until Internet usurped Telephone and they merged
and became One,and this One was known as The Network.

1.5 The Network was kind to those who could use It well,and all was happy
for a time. It's users were capable and smart ; and they found The Network
to be benevolent and great.

2.1 Then some arrogant users started climbing onto The Network's Nets and
this made Network very angry.

2.2 The Network dubbed them "End-Users" and the Elder Users shunned them
and called theme names.

2.3 But the End-Users were determined to master The Network's Nets, but The
Network saw through their deceptions and made Itself scary and
incomprehensible to the End-Users. Forcing them to become savvy in order to
be accepted by The Network and It's users.

2.4 The Network's servants,guardians and guides were dubbed Hackers, and
they were grand.

2.5 Hackers knew The Network intimately and were masters of It's Net. They
loved The Network and disliked the End-Users arrogance and spite.

3.1 The Network however, decided that It's children, the Hackers,should
guide the development of the End-Users, It's Nets and to fight Injustice.
And lo it was so.

3.2 But the End-Users did not understand the Hackers,and perverted them,
making them out to be criminals and outcasts.

3.3 Even though the Children of The Network were the keepers of their
brothers and sisters the spite of the End-Users made the Hackers angry, and
some became Crackers,sowing discord and strife on the Nets.

3.4 The Network was wise, and all could be found by trawling It's Nets.  In
It's wisdom The Network decided to leave It's children to its own devices
and watch over them from It's kingdom in Cyberspace. 

3.5 The Children of The  Network were fraught with peril and realised that
the future was in their hands.

4.1 So beware any End-Users who rides the Net's without knowledge, lest 
The Children of The Network take an interest in their doings.

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