Re: FBI\'s System to Covertly Search E-Mail

From ZoeScanner <>
Date Sat, 22 Jul 2000 03:57:38 -0700 (PDT)

[: hacktivism :]

Yeah...well...ya know.
Blame it on
short circuits....I format it like i think it.
It's my trademark... ;-P

 Got better things to do than worry if me words
look pretty enough. Har!
(R&R n some Sleep would help too...)

when I do my articles, I HAVE to behave.

Seriously though...

after the latest binge of news  &..stuff the feds
are putting on their's pretty obvious.
 I know it's true what dJ said about the
percentage the feds have........
(I knew they had some..just didnt think it was
that much.Ouch!)
40% makes it practically worthless.

On the other hand..threr was some flack a while
ago...something about Netscape 'giving it up' to
certain sponsers....
Made me quit using SSL. I gave in & got PGP.
aw he**..why dont we just use that 13Rot???
or...pig latin....<G>
(No!..I forget...thats their native toungue.)

SSL is still ok if you arn't really in Need, or
that serious about security.
It's a little too easy to mess with so I never
recomend it to anybody..

Want a solid suggestion for your PGP intigration?   (I wont even try to
tell you, cause i dont have any experience with
win2k.  Yet.) 
 Matter of fact, 
should have the data ye seek.

 As for working  PGP into win2k, there are
already good progs that are readymade.
This is the best for a workhorse.

Want it at home? win2k compat.

Partition?... Why? Ok to run linux with win...I
got mandrake,...but gaming?

small games maybe....
why not just drop in another hard drive? 
I just got a beaut 10.2GB EIDE Ult. (Seagate) for
$70. at the trade show.

I used to do I just add another hard
drive. Partition detereorated all the time.

In my most humble opinion, partitions are not all
that practical if you want to play fat game.

But then again...I use a lot of space...doing
graphics & writing. I Needed to get that other
My box is only a R450...maybe yours is bigger.
I also have 2 zips, a floppy, and an ext. R/RW CD
drive...Still run outta room.

All in all...any crypto will be better than none
for JEDII if most everybody uses it.

Reminds me of another thing...jjf mentioned maybe
we should start using another place to discuss
this JED.
I kinda agree....there are bound to be many on
here whom are not into this. 

We did do some damage last year, they just didnt
want to give Us the credit.
Or admit They were not invincible. Their machines
"just mysteriously crashed"...system failure.
uh huh.  What a coincidence.


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