Re: Jam Echelon Day II (JEDII) - The Day of Cryptography.

From Cyborg Yoryie <>
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 21:44:34 -0700

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Hi all:

        I can contribute translating texts to Spanish.  I am not at all
familiar with cryptography.  While the question will definitely place me in
the "newbie"cathegory, I must ask it, if I need to send my key to friends
that will recieve my mail, won't the key be intercepted as all other
electronic communications are?  Years ago as we were working on a student
strike we felt there was a need to encrypt our communications, well PGP was
so foreign to us and so hard to understand not everyone could get it on
place.  Maybe a short "newbie proof" instruction on crypto together with the
call for JEDII should be place at the end.  I will translate that too to


"You already have zero privacy - get over it."
- Scott McNeally, Chairman and CEO of Sun Microsystems, at the launch of new
software that has raised privacy fears.

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