Re: Jam Echelon Day II (JEDII) - Links and News

From Grant Bayley <>
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 09:54:45 +1000 (EST)

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> > lets start putting
> > together a collection of url's and instructions for folks to use
> > to add strong cryptography to their daily communications.
> A very good idea. The folks at and have a good collection of crypto stuff. Wiretapped also hosted the last JED website as far as I know; I'm waiting for a reply as to whether they would do the same this time round. Of course it would be good to mirror the site too.

Yes, we're happy to host the site again, at the same address:

In the meantime, as you mention we've built up a nice array of stuff on
Wiretapped itself, so I assume that'll be a logical place to point some of
the traffic for downloads of things (aside from the homepages themselves
where appropriate (ie,, etc).

The key thing as far as I'm concerned is that there needs to be a couple
of things in place for any JEDII:

* Media contacts explicitly listed on the website for outlets to make
contact with the organisers (ie yourselves) quickly and efficiently.
Although it'll mean dropping a number on the site, it's better than having
them scrounge around and miss a deadline if the aim of the game is getting
information out there.

* Someone to snarf the existing HTML from the website listed and generate
two things:

	1) A more recent set of links with appropriate descriptions for
	   each one, updated for what's gone on in the past 12 months.

	2) New graphics if people feel it's appropriate.

When these bits of information are in place, I'll append some instructions
on how to mirror the site nightly with wget for those interested in doing
so and if a date's already been set, we'll brace for the traffic (and
hopefully the effect).

So yes, I'll host it if others want to slip me some Echelon-specific
content to drop on there.  Also, this year, in there interests of full
disclosure, at the end of each day I'll put the HTTPd logs online for
download on - the seriously interesting hits that came
in last year aren't something I'd want you guys to miss this time

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