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From jjf <xdaydreamx@gmx.net>
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 00:30:21 +0100

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> lets start putting
> together a collection of url's and instructions for folks to use
> to add strong cryptography to their daily communications.

A very good idea. The folks at http://cryptome.org and http://www.wiretapped.net have a good collection of crypto stuff. Wiretapped also hosted the last JED website as far as I know; I'm waiting for a reply as to whether they would do the same this time round. Of course it would be good to mirror the site too.

There are some really interesting ideas bounding round and it's good to see the list so active once again ;-)

The following news article, which appeared on silicon.com yesterday, should be of some interest.



Europe sets year-long deadline to track Echelon network

The European Parliament has set up a temporary committee to investigate Echelon, the alleged spying network run by the US National Security Agency in conjunction with Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.
The 36-member committee will have one year to confirm the existence of Echelon, which has been repeatedly denied by all interested governments.
If the network does exist, the committee will ask whether European business interests are being harmed by spies passing on confidential trade details to competitors in the Echelon sponsor states. They will also query whether Echelon is compatible with EU law, and what legislation might be put in place to deal with the network.
The French government has already launched its own investigation into Echelon.

[From: http://www.silicon.com/bin/bladerunner?REQUNIQ=963356316&REQSESS=299570&18000REQEVENT=&REQINT1=38506 ]

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