From cate morrison <>
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 12:59:16 -0500 (EST)

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I think sinergi is DEAD ON --- Something that can easily be deciphered 
by supporters and the media alike...and something that states
explicitly while the act itself may not work to hurt echelon, it's a
form of protest and articulate the biggest problems with
Echelon...what does everyone think of mentioning something like the
RIP Bill from england as well? While in the states and canada we're
pretty disgusted by Big Brother watching, but in England they just
legalized government spying....yes no maybe?

RE: global mobilization
oh, and while this is melding two different threads, I don't want to
clutter people's inboxes...I never meant about the anti-globalization
movements that they were ignorant, just that it would be difficult to make
a single lucid platform from all the groups which form it...and that there
are many people who understand their own motivations to protest, but don't
understand with the same clarity the motivations of other groups (for
example, environmentalists may not be as versed in the nuances of labor
economics, etc etc) I still maintain that it's a tough issue many people
don't understand fully. This doesn't in anyway criticize the people on the
streets in Seattle and DC, it's just true. All I can say is that I gave a
big lecture in jail about the specific effects of SAPs on countries on
April 15th (got arrested early) and people learned a lot. Then a woman
talked about the effects of sweatshop employment on women and their
families and likewise I learned an amazing amount... 
WHat I think we should all be esspecially proud of is how WILLING
everyone is to learn...



cate morrison


"The body of Jonathan Swift, Doctor of Sacred Theology, dean of this 
cathedral church, is buried here, where fierce indignation can no more 
lacerate his heart. Go, traveler, and imitate, if you can,one who strove  
with all his strength to champion liberty." 

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