Global Information War

Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 09:08:10 -0700 (PDT)

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Has anyone read the Disinformation dossier on "The
Global Information War"? It would appear that the
United Nations is planning on joining Hitler, Stalin
and the Catholic church in punishing people for
speaking the politically unpopular truth. What with
the US's 'methamphetamine anti-proliferation act' and
various other movements we have seen of late towards
censorship, monitoring and the irradication of free
speech and thought we are coming close to living in an
Orwellian nightmare.

A serious effort is required to stop the Echelon
project, the UK's RIP bill and these other immoral and
ideologically perverse laws and political

Everyone needs to be informed of exactly what these
political monsters are up to - since most people
aren't even vaguely aware of the fact that their
rights and freedoms are being stripped away from them
on a daily basis by the very governments that they
trust to protect them.

We can't let all this shit slip by and become law like
we did with the Criminal Justice Act. They've already
got the upper hand and if we don't act now while we
can still legally speak about this kind of thing, we
will be utterly fucked. We've already lost most of our
rights to protest - we have been ignored, beaten,
pepper sprayed, tear gassed, locked up, censored,
cavity searched, blackmailed and plea bargained into a
corner. Its time to put and end to this shit, I will
not allow these politicians to abuse me any longer.

- Ben

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