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From mark ~ roth <>
Date Sat, 8 Jul 2000 12:27:33 -0700

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I am very interested in this JED2 concept and action...

...would it be too contrived for us to create a "Declaration" or "Manifesto"
that is very short and articulate and something people can pass around via
email describing the issues at stake and the actions suggested for each
person as an individual?   Frame the larger context and the individual's
role. (email meme)

and then the press has something they cant twist around so much when trying
to put it out there? (concrete information)

raising awareness, spreading information to spark conversation is key. this
can be done by means of an event constructed for media attention
(pseudo-event) or thru a information campaign (viral messaging). Action does
not always speak lowder than words.

The airwaves used to be public spectrum, owned by the people for the people.
now it is owned by commercial interests and sponsored by other commercial
interests. messages that are not supportive of that commercial enterprise
never seem to get out on those airwaves now. ???  I dont think many people
are even aware of that!

many people are still living in a totally commercial or mass media
constructed reality and have no idea of the issues that are at stake. They
say that to keep a good healthy "police state", you do not have to squash
the _Alternatives_ themselves, you just have to squash access to
_information_ about the alternatives.

We have infant independent media networks now, (,, etc..) and the means to communicate on worldwide

The youth and aware elders have begun participating a world conciousness
movement as represented in Seattle and DC, and the "other" has responded
with a recent media blitz and crackdown on the music and culture to halt
this activism. (anti-rave and anti-X hype, methamphetamine acts, war on
drugs/nightlife). The established powers are aiming where many of these
people gather and hang out, around music mostly, to try and squash
information early.  break up the scene.


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