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From ZoeScanner <>
Date Sat, 8 Jul 2000 05:53:31 -0700 (PDT)

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 This is exactly what I have been raving about. 
If we do it right like I see some are calling
for, JEDII will not be so easy this time

1 perfect example is what Jedi had to say :
<<Under new UK legislation it will be a 
terrorist offence to plan or carry out an action
"designed seriously to interfere 
with or seriously to disrupt an electronic
system" if it was done for political,
religious or ideological purposes and if it aimed
to influence government or intimidate the public.
*We can see where Many countries are adopting
this..attitude adjustment.Gonna make things a wee
bit harder, I fear...All the more reasone for
doing this though..

I heartily agree with Puzzle & Rev. Thom Saffold
<< have found that there is a lot of
sophistication in the average protestor's
assessment of the problems globalization
represent.Your observation that "when the "kids"
start profitting from the f'd up system they
won't think it's so bad after all" >>
*Thats at the ROOT of the whole problem!!! this
selling out for being sofisticated.
<G> actually..all it takes is good eyes &
ears..globalization is blaringly apparent to most
of us. Only some of us care enough to do anything
about it.We hope to change this.

And when  CRYPTO-GRAM newsletter said <<Is Anyone
Paying Attention?
Sadly, the answer to this question is:not really.
Or at least,there are far fewer people paying
attention than should be.  And the enormous need 
for digital security products necessitates people
to design, develop and implement them. The
resultant dearth of experts means that the
percentage of people paying attention will get
even smaller.>>
*Gave me hives....b'cause it's chillingly true.

Silicon's  RoundUp(UK) said this & scared
me..they really have no clue!
<<I remember when the movie "Enemy of the State"
came out. I went to see it the weekend it opened.
I thought it was a pretty good film, well worth
the $3.50 matinee price. The film revolved around
the government using high-tech methods to
covertly track a person's movements . It was a
little far-fetched in parts, but it was a movie,
so that was fine.
There's a scene where Gene Hackman's and Will
Smith's characters talk about the government's
capacity to tap the nation's phone calls. Hackman
said that, in the 60s,government agencies had
computers that could "listen" for certain phrases
that suggested the caller posed a threat to the
national security or the President. The idea was
that if that was done back then, imagine what
could be done now.
I may not be remembering the scene exactly right,

but that was the gist of it. Government computers
could listen for specific words and alert agents
when someone had made a provocative statement.
Now, I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, but I
thought the idea was somewhat plausible, at least
for a film. 
Would it work in real life? 
Maybe, but voice recognition is difficult simply
because people speak in so many different
voices,accents, and volume levels, not to mention
the fact that a telephone line would only carry
the mid-range frequencies of the voice.
I brought up the movie because the U.S.
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has
proposed a method of checking for fraud that
works much the same way.>>
*ARG!!!..all I can say to this is....arg.

Lemming Said:<<We'll have to delay it for a few
months to get the"snowball" of support rolling.
*I STRONGLY disagree.
Unless..we just "Announce" our plans for JED2k on
the anniversary day & go from there.(?)Methinks
that if we use the same date it will gain impact.
To ignore it will make later actions seem like an
afterthought? We have to look at how the public
will perceive this...If we expect them to listen
to us on ANYthing.

 -elfinman said:<<Echelon is 
such a horrible breach of civil rights, and if we
can somehow get the general public to realize 
that it's there, then there'll be a wave of
public revulsion to eliminate it.>>
*Yep! Tim..ya nailed that one...tell every living
soul you know about have the gift of
speaking in their language! Use it! I
quote you for articles? I can skip your name if
need be.

Flint was most excellent with: 
<<we should instead of just sending clear text
designed to grab filters that probably don't work
that way,that instead we make it a massive
campaign to get people to start sending their
mail encrypted. >>
*I vote for BOTH txt & encryption...cause if we
all just send encrypted messages....THEY will not
even notice..........we need to throw em
something they can chew on...

Peter Hope-Tindal said : <<Ease up on them,
they're doing a job, in Canada 
at least with too little funding.  If you want to
protect your communications then strong crypto is
free and easy.>< I would rather fight to make
sure my neighbours 
and my family have enough food to eat and there's
a hospital bed for us when we get sick.>>
*Yep...Free & Easy...& so is smokesignals....the
question is...why should JQP have to use em?
I feel no pity for Gov agencies that spy on Reg
Citizens under the guise of Nat'l
 Most of these people can not even properly
program a VCR..they must first LEARn about
encryption before using it.
And..learn WHY they need it. 
I dont see any GOV anywhere telling them anything
about that.El Contrair.....Mon Frair. Then..we
have the "other" issue at hand.
(Also to be included in JQP's education
process) GOV is under the thumb of BB.
...soon..Very, me..NObody can be
certain of these..Niceities.
Already many are doing without them. Guess why?
can you say Glo-bal-i-za-tion?..sorry...sad but
true. Middle Class IS being eliminated. Take a
GOOD hard look around.

Bronc said : <<The idea of hacktivism, or any
kind of activism, is to INFORM people to your
plight. The last JED was a huge success! ><Since
JED brought the spotlight to Echelon it has since
been exposed as being real, as have other
governments own versions of it.><Heck, as far as
I am concerned we should have 
JED everyday until someone take some control over
it, and either makes it 
work like it should, or dismanltes it totaly.>>
* & since many have all but forgotten about it,
we must re educate them again...meanwhile..we
just may cause them to either fix the bloody
program..or scrap it for a "working" one. Either
way...we win something.Everybody does.
Marvin sez : << if someone is going to plan
another JED, it should be a much larger event,
and something that will generate ALOT more media
attention. To be honest, 
you're pretty much preaching to the converted.>>
*Nope...we are just planning right go
off half cocked without a plan would be worse
than "back slapping"....Call this a collaberation
of the create on a grander scale
than last years JED. To make a plan..ya Do have
to talk about it...

Jesse said: <<It would help to make *supporting*
free access by law enforcement to Echelon data
seem like as unreasonable and radical an idea as
possible.><We can generate press and a dispute by
gathering and distributing as much information
about the system as we can and by drawing
attention to that information.
 Given the time and resources, it is possible to
do this by getting a lot of journalists to write
a lot of articles and produce a lot of other
material on the topic.
We could also create a media spectacle: >>
* agreed 100%. We should ALL write about JED2, 
(i am) OverLoad the zines,boards,ANYthing,
anywhere people can see it.
(any that will accept the story) with
"anniversary" articles, Links to Echelon,
Encryption, post to any & all boards we can get
on,Build websites by the thousands.The press may
come to us then....maybe,,hopefully.
What kind of Media Spectacle did you have in

Cyril Biscarlet Maillot Said this most elegantly:
<<I can be more positive about PGP : it is
-indeed- breakable (but no "master key" PGP works
with the combination of a public key (you give
this to evrybody), and a private key 
(it's your own, you generated it), 
the combinationof the 2 allows for deencryption),
but it takes a huge amount of
resources : to crack your email encrypted with a
4,096 bits key, they'd need
to use ALL their computing power for several
days...Which they -of course-
cannot afford, given the number of messages to be
processed...So, that's why
it's considered as safe : echelon will only
process "clear" messages.>>
*kudos!..The man knows his stuff! 
Fortunately, THEY do not have the time to bother
much with pgp.
Except in some cases, I wager they do.

-Mark said about UK's new law:<<Take note though
that in order to prosecute 
anyone under this law for a jm Echelon day would
require a governmnent 
admission that echelon _does_exist (I don't think
this has happened yet), and 
a trial that wouldundoubtedly create exactly the
publicity effect that is being sought.>>
* agh...maybe...or maybe we would be prosecuted
under any number of violations Reguardless of our
(echelon it has been "sortof"acknowedged...)
 They could and very likely will nab as many of
us as they can simply using our  own actions
against us,touting them as "threatening" & the
like. I am under no delusions that this is NOT
just a game to play with GOV. A trial? 
Yes. It would(will?) generate public
interest.Whenever it finally got around to being
held that is..and a 
 trial would bring that kind of attention ONLY IF
our genuine cause can be told to
JQP..knowing how Media is so influenced by Gov &
BB...that would be nothing short of a miracle.

**This statement is worth its weight in gold..!
Adrian Puente said:
<<Now you say taht we can encrypt our mail, but
don't ask
someone that whit efforts can realize how use the
computer, don't ask him to
ecrypt something and that poerson deserves
privacy too.
We got to fight for our rights!!! We got to fight
for our privacy!!!!
(sorry for the english)>>
*You are most forgiven, Adrian..Welcome! No one
spells perfectly's the thoughts that
count..& yours are great! I am most happy to
fight for the rights of people like that too. I
realize not everyone was born with a keyboard in
their hands.
I  also tell them  it wouldnt hurt to learn as
much as you can get in though Just in case you
might need it someday.

& of course we owe all this debating to jjf for
being the first to mention it ;) <<roughly 48
hours after my original posting the reactions
have been better than I expected. It seems like
most people think some sort of action would be a
good idea. >
<Echelon has been featuring prominently in the
French,British and German press over the past few
weeks (in fact it's causing quite an uproar in
the European parliament, placing the story firmly
on the front page of the Guardian, the Times and
the FT this week). 
The fact that it isn't much of a topic in the
United States yet merely indicates !where the
lines of power lie>
<And Echelon is only the beginning. The public
has yet to wake up to the reality of government
eavesdropping that is going to be in place in the
near future. 
The UK is a good example and the article posted
by JEDI makes this only too clear. >>
*You are correct,sir...We do indeed.  correct..on
ALL accounts, I fear.
jff.,i have a Hackattack to! (Coff..coff..) Must
be something going around..
You lie & I'll swear to it! (No!..I couldnever do
that either!) im just kidding.har! (..coff.)

& in response to several mentions of how could
"They" do anything to us for this...
It wouldnt be the first time THEY lied in a court
of Law,  now would it.

Mr.Anderson-Lee Besito had these words of wisdome
to say:<<I believe there is 
strength in numbers...>>
*Gold....Solid gold.        Word.....

And..of course...ZoeScanner has this to say:

Europe has virtually passed WWW internet freedom
into oblivion with the latest glut of bills,
regulations & laws,etc. Aimed at squashing so
called "terrorists" (guess who?)
Seems Very Few countries are left standing Free. see the US gov is perched to follow
This is the problem.
Some say Gov will not be a real threat...
Mundo mistake-o
This is not true, as they are mere puppets,
controlled by...a HUGE BBbeast.

BB is all powerful..(or so they think..)
BB is a monster, grown out of controll &
gobbeling up the whole
& we all know that.

One thing is clear though  & we all better
consider this do another JED with all the
publicity we will need to actually make Anybody
Wake Up & Notice what is going on. 
(Don't want to come off sounding preachy,but
don't want to see any kids get hurt either.)
* requires Serious thought & Total Committment
AND Great Numbers of us doing it TOgether*
& We will have to do it WITHout many of our WWW
pals to count on for help(thanks to the growing
numbers of European terrorist laws, not just in
the UK either.)..
everybody must decide for themselves Before we
start, IF they really want to do this...We are
taking the chance of perhaps  becoming
'casualties' ourselves.

This time...
It's NOT for the faint of heart...
It is not a game..
Some of us will go down.

Think I am exaggerating? Think again.
* Canadian Big-Brother database "discovered"; 
Guide J.D. Tuccille reports.
France begins investigation into US electronic
Getting a Drop on the Cybergoons
by Declan McCullagh
Better yet...remember this?.

Last year the BB world Openly Declared WAR on us.
They were putting it (in bold type too) on their
web sites for their partners to join in & us to

BB site after BB site after BB site had it on
their Front Page.
Anyone else notice those Blaring Headlines on the
BB websites?
Or notice any of their little huff'n'puff bravado
news stories they released in fits & spurts to
the various Online Press Orgs? 
"We were Bad..They were Good...They were gonna
get Us & Save The World" kind of crap...
Sickening really, it was.
What I did not see was..any of em running to the 
Real World press with this bold "declaration"
..odd that...hmmmm?)
naw...true to their nature, they ran to the laws created...sitting
about..waiting...wringing their hands..drooling.
Craven fools!
Anyone whom can get a brick & steel Corp.
declared a "living entity" legal & binding is
capable of anything...
Consider their anguish over the WTO,
SeattleBattle,MayDay, anywhere we "bother" any way.
Every glitch they see on their sites they blame
on us. We dont even have to do anything.
They cry real tears for the public though
Then they(BB)run to the press, whining...P****n &
moanin about how bad WE were making things for
poor little ole defensless THEM...& how WE are
destroying the "integrity of the Internet" for
JQP freaked.
Still freaking.
Not gonna be much help unless we get this JED
action together REAL good.
We have to make an OUTstanding case of it.
Or..a frightened & misguided JQP will cry help &
GOV will respond like the wrath of gods.
WITH the plans they already made with BB.
War plans.& with JQP's blessings.
Dont remember those declarations of war? or just
didnt go see them?
Perhaps some of us were not here then yet.
BUT...nonetheless..It happened.
It was real. A bonified declaration of War.
Handed to us on a Virtual silver platter smack on
their own home turf as they knew we were already
watching them.
many of us expected it.
What we didn't expect was how successful they
would be getting Gov & JQP to fall under their
People have already forgotten about WTO???  !
At least that one was widely known about..
How soon they forget!...lulled by the sound of
ticker tape...back to sleep.
Some of those declarations are still there...
Smoke & Mirrors
It was all done ONLINE...where JQpublic would
"miss" seeing the greater picture.
(No accident there either..BB *wants* JQP in
their back pocket....& against us.) 

How many JQp's actually scan the BB sites?
& I dont mean their shopping sites...

Not many, or our job would be much much easier..

All in All..
This means ....*To Any of us daring enough to
resist them or attempting to controll their
actions (make them be reasonable and/or
accountable..)*..that we Will Be Hunted..With a
Passion. & persecuted to the Fullest Extent of
the Law. 
Count on it.

Their main goal in this World Wide flurry of
legislation is to disband Us.
(No...I am not suffering delusions of
grandure...THEY are.)
I wish I was. Could just take a pill & everything
would be alright.
BB really does want us Gone.Impotent.
literally....we freak em out. 
They were not kidding in the slightest, or making
light when They said it was War.
Want proof?
Consider the facts...
With almost every World Gov in their fatcat
breastpockets....& a sleeping JQP...
 We are about the only real threat to their
domination. anything else that got in their
way..we must be irradicated. Broken up.
Frightened into submission or at least
 The Best we can do to prevent this massacer is
draw a pile of media attention to Echelon Before
we do much of anything else. 
So....everybody had better take a deep breath &
think before jumping in this time around.
Unless you are like me...
I have nothing left to loose.

We have everything to gain if we are successful.
Waking up the public to their actual state of
existance in the Real World is about the best
thing we could Ever do.
IF they rise up to this JEDII situation...who
knows what else they may discover is happening in
the world around them???
Boggles the mind, doesn't it...

I think it just may be worth it.
Been busy gathering & writing for weeks now....
almost ready to publish...
 I canna run around much but am
& i got a big
(collective agreement there,im sure Har!) 
& I know how 2to2 use it.
I offer my services.


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