FBI opened an investigation about FRA action in support of U'wa and against Oxy

From rdom@thing.net
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2000 10:21:06 -0400

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hola all,

in french first, english after,

bonjour a tous, je viens de recevoir ce mail, je ne sais trop quoi en
penser... il semble que le FBI ai ouvert une enquete sur l'action de la
FRA du
3 fevrier (soutien aux indiens U'WAs contre Occidental Petroleum). La
manifestation a coute $5000 a Fidelity, mais cela pourrait couter 1 an
prison aux organisateurs c'est a dire FRA (!)

Je devrais avoir des nouvelles a mesure que l'enquete avance, mais pour
prendre de l'avance je vous demande un soutien (et des conseils) a FRA
cette affaire afin de denoncer le fait que cette action n'etait pas un
criminel ou terroriste, mais une manifestation virtuelle democratique;
si il
n'y avait pas eu autant de participants cela n'aurait pas marche, et
n'aurait jamais perdu ces 'petits' 5000 dollars.

je pense qu'il est grand temps que l'on se batte pour que soit reconnu
droit a la manifestation en ligne, cela me semble important pour une
democratie future

par avance merci



hello all,

I just receive this mail, I don't know what I can think about
it...seems FBI opened an investigation about FRA (Ferderation of Random
action on feb 3 (support to indians U'WAs against Occidental Petroleum).

The demonstration costed $5000 to Fidelity, but it could cost 1 year
in jail to organizers that's to say FRA (!)

I may have news of the investigation step by step, but to take advance I
you a support (and councils) to FRA in this trouble to denounce that
action was not a terrorist or a criminal attack but a virtual and
demonstration; if there were not enougth participants the action didn't
anymore, and fidelity did never lost these 'little' $5000.

I think it is time to fight for a right to virtual demonstrations, it
seems to
me very important for future democracy



> Dear Uwa supporter,
> It is my understanding that you were involved in
> setting up the email action against Oxy petroleum and
> Fidelity Investments on Feb 3.  I wanted to let you
> know that the FBI (Federal Buerau of Investigation)
> the American national police are doing an
> investigation into the action.  The FBI's Computer
> Intrusion Squad has been visiting the homes of people
> around the US who participated in the action and
> asking about the Federation for Random action, the
> Minnesota Advocacate for Human Rights and lamtar.com.
>     Apparently according to American law the action
> that was taken is illegal (its called a "denial of
> service" attack) and if it costs the target over $5000
> it is a felony meaning it can be punished by up to one
> year in jail.  I think it is fair to assume that the
> attack cost Fidelity much more than $5000 (hurray!)
>      The police have not yet come to talk to any of
> the organizations in the US that forwarded your email
> such as the Rainforest Action Network but perhaps they
> will soon.
>     I thought you should know about the investigation
> so that you can take the appropriate precautions.
> Obviously the action was very successful otherwise it
> wouldn't have caused this type of response by the
> police.  Congratulations and keep up the good work!
>    The Uwa are still in danger and Fidelity still
> hasn't taken any action to stop Oxy from drilling on
> their land and killing their entire culture.  I
> therefore urge you and other computer activists who
> care about justice to continue targeting Fidelity, Oxy
> and all the other companies that are violating human
> rights and destroying the environment.
> Hasta la victoria!
> a friend in the US
> ps. - I will check this email again in 7 days time
> (June 4) so if you need to get a message to Rainforest
> Action Network or other Uwa supporters in this country
> please send it here and I will pass it on without
> revealing your email.  Anything you send directly to
> rainforest action network could well be intercepted by
> the American police.

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