Re: Cops Plan Bloody Sunday

From cate morrison <>
Date Mon, 17 Apr 2000 12:25:59 -0400

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I was arrested Saturday night among the infamous 600. All I can 
say is that I was EXTREMELY lucky to get out at 5 AM...when I 
walked out of the station, there were people sill beingloaded off 
the buses.

We were deliberately entrapped, NOT asked to disperse, we made a 
formal plea over a loudspeaker. The plan was to silence us and 
disrupt the movement, holding as many of us as long as possible. 
We fooled them though. Once in the cell, we arranged to have the 
wrongfully arrested freed first, then the main organizers who 
needed to get back to groups. We raised bail money for those who 
didn't have it and needed to get out.

This experience has taught me that although we were from different
groups and had diverse causes, that the movement is a coherent, 
intelligent and strong one. I salute all of those in cell block B 
with me, and everyone that made it out to DC. We are fighting the 
good fight in the truest sense of the phrase


cate morrison

america stop pushing I know what I'm doing
            --allen ginsberg, america

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