Re: Any ideas?

From Jonathan Mullin <>
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2000 10:32:00 -0500

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Dear Susan,

I recently was in your situation. I joined this list in order to learn
more about project echelon for a similar course during the fall. I was
met with the same unease as you were. I have somewhat of a reputation
with computers even though i have never hacked anything except to fix my
small town's server because the administrator really didn't know what he
was doing. I would love to lay into your school library/local library
about how they are not meeting the public's needs since you are the
public. what worked for me was a few vauge threats about how they were
violating the public's rights by not ordering the books. After that they
gave in.One thing you may try is I borrowed a book i
found through there. Although you may have to be a librarian to borrow
books. Maybe you could go to a neighboring library or university to have
them order the books. You can also quote congressional records as a non
internet source if you are taking a "change in laws" approach.
 well, i hope this helps.

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