Re: Any ideas?

From Paul Kneisel <>
Date Sat, 01 Apr 2000 08:04:50 -0500
Cc Susan Sons <>

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Dear S,

The standard response to those who question or challenge one's interest in
such issues is that one is studying computer security. To do so requires
that one knows how people break into computers such as to study criminology
requires you to study criminals.

On the other topic: The best non-standard argument for citizen crypto
involves psychotherapy groups. Society has seen the development of "12
Step" like Alcoholics Anonymous who require anonymity to function. Almost
everyone supports the work these groups do and recognizes that it has a
benefit to society as well as individuals.

There is no reason why such groups cannot function online as well as off.
But online therapeutic work is impossible given the nature of the net,
unless some form of anonymity is offered.

This argument is all the more powerful for *nobody* accuses members of AA
of meeting secretly for some criminal or other nefarious purpose.

  --  tallpaul (Paul Kneisel)
      editor: The Internet Anti-Fascist

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