Re: Bizzare Civil Suit Regarding IRC

From Paul Kneisel <>
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2000 08:54:19 -0500
Cc Lorax <>

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Lorax wrote asking for information on a legal case that concerns IRC. I've
reviewed the complaint at the URL he provided.


Like so many legal cases, it covers a variety of different issues.

The main matter -- assuming the detailed allegations of fact are true -- is
as follows:

A fellow went onto an IRC channel.

There he ran into several people who enjoy defamation, take personal
pleasure in injuring the reputation of totally innocent people, and enjoy
inflicting mental distress upon them.

These people repeatedly targeted one particular victim.

The victim of the considerable libels sues those specific individuals who
defamed him.

The victim also sued the managers of the IRC channel where the defamation
took place.

He will probably win his suit against the individuals. He will almost
certainly lose against the IRC managers.

  --  tallpaul (Paul Kneisel)
      editor: The Internet Anti-Fascist

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