Re: [Re: Suicide Seeds on the Fast Track]

From PlanBProductions <>
Date 28 Mar 00 19:55:44 CST

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The little study that has been done on most genetic engineering has brought up
many questions, and these studies are usually quashed by Monsanto and others
with an economic stake in them. A good example is RBGH (recombinant bovine
growth hormone) that was passed through the FDA with only Monsanto's (I
believe, they created it) version of the study. When the Canandian health
department looked at it, they found some very real dangers in the scientific
data that were hidden by the company.

The other main problem is introducing seeds (especially the Terminator) into
the environment without thorough, long-term testing. What happens if the
Terminator seeds cross-pollinate with other similar plants (corn is a grass
and could pollinate other grasses) and then they all just start to die off?

There are lots of resources on the net with loads of info on the subject,
including greenpeace and the ecologist ( If
you don't think there are any problems, it's probably because you haven't been
exposed to some of the other arguments.

take care,

Lizzi <> wrote:
> What is the problem with genetically altered
> seeds--the site that is recommended doesn't give
> any reasoning?  Also Monsanto appears to be the
> target of alot of slander...any paticular reason
> for that, or are they just 'bad' because they are
> willing to use modern technology?

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