Re: risks/ethics of paricipating in actions, and can we make them available to the masses?

From Steven Green <>
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2000 00:07:25 -0500 ()

[: hacktivism :]

Hey Ben,

Okay here's two ways to do it... you can tell me if they're ethical or
not. ;) (grin)

no.1 - get yerself a dsl/cable account at home.. most have a 30day free
guarantee, etc., which helps, then setup a webserver on it, (use
if it's a dynamic IP), and then go to yer local library and "hack into
yourself", setting up whatever tools you want from that location (good for
single IP things, right?), and then go nut.  Once yer local cable/dsl
calls ya, say you had no idea, and they can trace yer own logs to some
shmoe at a library free computer, and they'll assume you were innocently
hacked 'cause you're dumb and you get off free.

no.2 - up here in Toronto we have payphones with a jack in 'em.  (You
got any of those?  Analog modems are still avail. if you look around
too...) Get a free dialup and jack in.  Some logistics need to be worked
out, but if you're creative enough there's no reason why this wouldn't
work for some things...


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