Re: Ehippies new DoS tools and information

From Brian Disagree <>
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2000 00:44:23 PST

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That's exactly what racists hope people will do, because after people allow 
them to free speech they will turn the tables and start killing people who 
aren't "white" either reverse oreos or people of color.


>Yes, protesting is important. However, trying to shutdown someones right
>to free speech is more than a little bit hypocritical. I mean lets take a 
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>you are just as bad if not worse then they are. You want to protest? Then 
>up opposite them and call them down, but don't cast stones or try to deny 
>their rights no matter how hateful their retoric.
> > Protesting is one of the most important things for anti-racists to do. I
> > suppose, you obviously don't realize these racists would do ANYTHING to 
> > or maim or kill any person of color or even 'race traitors', it's funny
> > you're on their 'side'.

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