Re: Denial of Service Attacks & the Nets

From ZoeScanner <>
Date Sat, 12 Feb 2000 03:25:26 -0800 (PST)

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Bingo,Josh.....they don't. Not truth anyway. The
NSA has been whining a lot lately about needing
money... thats about it.

The War for the Web takes a much more serious
turn lately.........
here are some  news stories I used to back up my
thoughts on the matter of the 
 "Mass HackAttack"!!!  the results are pouring
First,we have the prez with his *demands.....,4586,2436551,00.html

Then....the backslapping & praise....hmmmm.

other points of interest is another reasone to consider for of hackattacks. Methinks
perhaps it may be THE reasone. Ever see a lawyer
NOT take advantage of a situation? Or insurance
 (I was told once that we were the last line of
defense here on the web...the Only line of
defense,actually...and now, the battle is heating
up  extremely! My machine was hassled ALL night
last night...knock ping
ping...nobody home..haha!......not
compromised,thanks to me new prog...but it was
VERY unnerving..& only a matter of time, I
"they" are after us like ugly on a monkey.. go
ahead...grab my ya Really think I
would KEEP anything on it?duh.)
 the following is what I posted on a  ZDNet
billboard chat about this issue...there was
little being said in any reasonable 
context...just mass hysteria seemed to be
forming... So...I could not resist...: Just my 2
Ya know....the *usual* MO of "hackers" is to
first declare war on their targets,telling them
Why it will be done.Then a follow up taking
responsibility for the action against the.. er
"victim",etc.& it's Usually  done in retaliation
for some bullying or questionable activities done
by the "Victim/Site" to the public. Something
"hackers" perceive as an injustice to all.  BUT.
This is not the case here. Another!!!???. What "hacker"/"activist" in
their right mind would even Want to bring down
Yahoo?  Not much Business dealings there,mainly
it's a Damn good source of info for all!  so,Why
hurt Yahoo???..Then...there  are mutterings about
how it might be just 1one1 "hacker" working
alone...  ?...LOL!... Not very likely. It would
be  pretty darn miraculous for 1one1 alone to do
THIS job.(Not impossible,but incredible..) I  for
one,would want to shake his hand. Arg! Lets
review the* known *facts here... the
"coincidence" that these "attacks" occurred
IMMediately after a ISP provider meeting. 1One1
topic of the meeting was about this ...ahh.. type
of security problem...Next fact...The fbi has
been whining about  insecure security and lack of
 enough funds to do anything about
it?...then..Notice how the "hackattack"
happens(another coincidence?) on the heels of the
Prez himself making noises about needing more n
better security (& money to create it) ASAP. no avail... No 1one1 was really  very
interested in  seriously committing to it at all.
Too costly...not urgent enough..too radical a
plan....Then! this  sudden & senseless rash of
"hack attacks" happens...... Now,lets look at the
results. (Odd batch of reactions here)...The said
"victims" are not making a big fuss...?... 1one1 is claiming
responsibility....?.There isn't much usual
reaction,now is there? Nobody is claiming any
major losses either!....or even showing much
distress. Ok.....hmmmm.....Making light of "mass
hack attacks" Or even just 1one1 lone "hacker"
has NOT been standard practice...until now. ? And
then ...we have the * lawyers.....and Insurance
Firms (big shocker there,huh?) jumping on the
bandwagon with..."hackattack" insurance...!...
(Packages done up already??? )*(Another big
hmmmm)..... It all sounds too fishy to me.  
Again today there were headlines  blaring all
over the place about how whom ever did it was
"very  very was a thorough
job, blah blah blah,etc"...((sounds like a lot of
back slapping & self congratulating going on to
me.))... Is it not totally Uncharacteristic for
the "victims" to  lavish such praise on the
"Hackattacker/s"....?....Of course..the *press
always jumps to the conclusion that everything 
negative happening on the web MUST be the work of
 the dreaded "hackers."  & it's Always supposed
to be*Teenage hackers to boot!...LOL!...
Rubbish!... Truth be told,the worst crimes done
are by disgruntled employees....hands down.
Egad!...what better way to get the funding and
support they (Military,Gov,BB & their known fleet
of cyber warriors) want than to terrorize the
public...with repeated,intense ( & senseless)
attacks?  The Prez already openly declared they
were building a
of their own " Elite Hackers" use for
"Cyberwarfare" on other countries, yada yada
yada,etc.Supposedly,in the interests of National
Security?.... even publicly announced it a While
ago. Do you not think they would go after *real
"hackers"? for target practice? Or to use as
Scape Goatz??? (sigh)...The DoS prog. & it's many
variants has been available online to ANY1one1
for a long time........No...methinks this is  all
just a ruse... FEDs killing 2-3 birds with 1
stone.  Hoping to Scare the public into letting
them have their programs(freedom , privacy be
damned for us ALL) AND...let the "hackers" take
the blame. Nice & tidy...nothing new
there,believe me. We have been a major pain in
their backside too long. Sadly,the likely end
result will be  the Net....under Martial Law.
Everybody's PC will be invaded..."they" will know
every move we make online. IF "they" don't
already... Remember the infamous "Back Door" in
Windows? Built right in  By Micro$oft,(NOT
"hackers"),Exclusively for Gov Access? How many
of YOU actually took that serious enough to get 
it patched??...not many, I wager...Most of
JQPublic are already violated and don't even know
For certain, 1One1 thing about all this is
True...Security IS in *desperate* need of
improvement.. I doubt anyone can dispute
that....but not the way "they" want to do it.
Wait and see...If "they" win...we ALL loose. THAT
is the message "hackers" have been trying and
trying (& trying) to get across to everybody.
Remember this..ANY fool with a keyboard and half
a brain can access/violate someone else's PC,
server,site/s...just as a robber can sneak into a
house,store,factory...but only a *true criminal
will actually TAKE anything.(reading the stuff
not included)And they Don't wake you up to Tell
you they broke in,now DO they?  No.  Real
criminals do not.   People,..."hackers" could
*Not Care Less* WHAT JQPublics'  precious
*numbers are...or where  JQpub.travels in
cyberspace... *True hackers care only that you/we
are vulnerable to the  true criminals that can &
will use this info against you/us. ( And these
"criminals" come in Many forms...)Nor do
true"hackers" keep files on you. That is more
*right there* than can be said for Gov OR Big
Business. "They" DO keep files....and abuse you
with them. Do not "hackers" rant on-n -on about
how easy it was to "breach the security"???"
why?" you may ask? let ya know *It Needs
Fixing!*  IF " hackers" only wanted to snoop &
"take" your stuff,then WHY tell you about it?
Come on now.... Let Reasoning rule! 1One1 more
fact: The prog DoS is for protests!...How can
there Be a "protest" if *no 1one1 says What they
are Protesting? Or why???
Naw...all these...nonsense attacks,& uncommon
praise for the finesse of the *mysterious
*attacks stinks to high heavens...of FED. ((They
love to pat themselves on the back and brag
whenever they actually DO pull something
off))....Notice whenever a "hacker/s" IS really
responsible how "they" scream bloody murder?
Coming down on him/them like the wrath of God?
and  don't they rant on-n-on about their gigantic
losses?  The cost soars into the millions or
billions? Have ya ever heard them "Praise" the
hackers talents? Or claim to understand why it
was done in the first place?
No...this does NOT look good. Not good AT ALL.

--- Joshua Hirsh <> wrote:
> [: hacktivism :]
>  But one thing that still sticks out in the
> back of mind is the fact of
> the NSA _publicly_ saying that their machines
> have been crashing. Since
> when does the NSA publicly say anything about
> themselves?
>  Regards,
> Joshua -

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