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Date Thu, 20 Jan 2000 23:04:25 -0000

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I can see the merits in both sides of the argument on website defacement. But while it is all very well to state that website defacement 'is censorship pure and simple', in this case it is important to keep in mind the reality off-line: Bulgarian neo-nazis are attacking and killing people (Gypsies, Turks etc. but not Jews because there aren't many there anymore) and very little is being done about it. We are not simply talking about individuals spreading their ideological message. I would strongly suspect that some Tangra Warriors are linked to these violent acts. And they are gaining political recognition. So while it would be good to set up a counter-site or one on behalf of minorities in Bulgaria, people should look at what wheighs heavier on the scale, murder or website defacement. 
 In a free country with good education etc it is important to uphold the right to free speech and perhaps websites should not be defaced (not really my opinion though). In the Bulgarian case, there is still a big battle to be fought before minorities are protected and anything that gets people's attention (ideally the Bulgarian people's attention) should be contemplated.
So, to hack or not to hack? I guess it depends on whether you think the ends justify the means and whether hacks are an effective instrument for political activity, not whether such high ideals as free speech must be upheld. 


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> I think that everyone is right in the arguement that action should
> not be taken toward the group...but the question remains: what do
> we do?

> The answer is clear. Spead the word that hate is still rampant.
> Become active in the fight against antisemitism. If these people
> are indeed guilty of the things you say that are (and of that I
> have little doubt) then letters to the judicial system, petitions
> and other information decimination will do more damage than any
> defacing ever would.

> Other suggestions: Put up your own site counterpoint to it. The
> way to silence someone without censoring them is to simply shout
> louder and drown them out. Let education fight the battles here
> that protesters would on the street.

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