Re: Defacing as a tool

From cate morrison <>
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2000 19:24:18 -0500

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I think that everyone is right in the arguement that action should
not be taken toward the group...but the question remains: what do 
we do?

The answer is clear. Spead the word that hate is still rampant. 
Become active in the fight against antisemitism. If these people 
are indeed guilty of the things you say that are (and of that I 
have little doubt) then letters to the judicial system, petitions 
and other information decimination will do more damage than any 
defacing ever would.

Other suggestions: Put up your own site counterpoint to it. The 
way to silence someone without censoring them is to simply shout 
louder and drown them out. Let education fight the battles here 
that protesters would on the street.

cry havoc

cate morrison

america stop pushing I know what I'm doing
            --allen ginsberg, america

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