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From Legba Carrefour <>
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2000 15:34:13 -0500

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To these comments, with which I agree, I would add that I disagree with
#4. Defacing DOES "spill blood". It is censorship pure and simple. If,
as ZoeScanner says "censorship is not the answer" and "the net must
remain free", we can't endorse defacing pages simply on the basis of us
disagreeing with them.

There is probably somewhere a place for the defacing of pages in the
muddy field of ethics. It can be a serious act of civil disobedience and
attention-getting. For example, I don;t see too much wrong with someone
who took down the page of a nation that regularly abuses human rights
and replaces it with a page giving a ream of factual details on how this
country is violating human rights.

However, taking down the page of a neo-nazi, particularly since the
whole issue is wrapped up in ideology, is simply censoring someone who
you don't agree with.

Legba Carrefour

Michael Clark wrote:
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> I disagree with ZoeScanner's points #3 and #8,  the use of defacing as a tool.
> Defacing is not appropriate on- or off-line. Does that mean "they"
> (whoever "they" are) have the right to deface a church or synagogue's
> web site or physical meeting place?  I don't see any difference
> between on-line and off-line. Can you make a case for it? Thanks,
> Michael
> ZoeScanner <> wrote:
> >I agree with this...and I disagree.....
> >1. they have a right to be here as much as we
> > matter how distasteful that may be...
> >2.censorship is NOT the answer....However...
> >3. tearing down their pages and/or replacing them
> >with "messages" is one way of showing our
> >opinions of their opinions....and a fun way to
> >get a point accross as well as work off some
> >steam at their proclaimed "New Order Religion".
> >4.Defacing: it spills no one's blood.
> >5. I defend their right to be here as much as I
> >protest what they stand for.
> >6. If you take away their right to be here,it
> >will only be a matter of time before we are not
> >here either....
> >7. their pages are a good safe way to keep an eye
> >on their activities....and act accordingly about
> >them.
> >8. Defacing; they also have the same right to
> >deface any/all pages we have....
> >9.If you find a site you cannot tolerate,simply
> >put up your own in protest!
> >10. The Net MUST remain FREE at any cost!!!!!
> >Peace
> >ZoeScanner
> >
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