Hack them, fuck them - a bulgarian nazi web-site

From "[iso-8859-1] luben radkov" <lubenbigbrad@yahoo.com>
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2000 04:13:34 -0800 (PST)

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Hi everybody,
Since a several months, there is a BG nazi-skinhead
web-site. Itīs full with a diguisting things like
racism, xenofobia and especialy anti-semmitism. As
well there is a kind of nazi "lirics" calling for a
fight against the anarchists and the other "communists
shits". Althought I am qiuet tolerant I cannot stand
such a nazi bullshits. So my appeal is if someone can
hack them or fuck them up any way, that would be
Their addres is: <www.bnrp-vr.life.nu>.

There is following some more info about them. 
The group is called Tangra Warriors, there situated in
the city of Vratza (north-west Bulgaria). Most of
their  supporters are skinheads and heavy metal fans
and they are qiuet many in that city, their core is
numbering at least 20-30 people. There is also a nazi
oi-core band called Shame and Disgrace. The movement
of Tangra Warriors is a part of the extreem right wing
Bulgarian National Radical Party. The policy  of the
party is extremely against the gipsies (the Roma
people), turks, muslims and in general against all the
neighboring nations. In the parlamentarian elections
they usually get about 4 % of the votes, but still
there is no their representative in the parlament.
Anyway the right wing ideas have their background in
Bulgaria and groups like nazi-skinheads are caussing
more and more troubles to foreigners and minority
people. Since 1994 I know about at least six murders
of gipsies and arabians, doen by skinheads, which have
not be properely (or even not at all) investigated by
the police.That stimulated their activities and now we
can see a reall racists and convicted nazis, but not
just a teenagers beating different colored-minded

The struglle goes on


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