Re: Etoy vs. Etoys is DONE DONE DONE!!! WHEE!!!!

From Chuck0 <>
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2000 11:35:12 -0500

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Legba Carrefour wrote:
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> Considering the rather large brawl we had on this list (which seems to
> be mercifully dead, although I hope I'm not prodding it back to life
> here), I thought you guys might want to see these news articles from
> Wired News on the apparent end of the matter
> Etoys dropped the suit apparently. What remains to be seen is what
> actually caused them to do so and if the actions of RTmark had anything
> to do with it.
> So what do you guys think? What is the fallout and implications in the
> long term for hacktivism for this? Any at all?

I think it shows the strengths of hacktivism. This became apparent to me
this weekend when I spotted side-by-side articles in the Business
section of the Washington Post, both of which featured stories that
included hacktivism. One was on the Etoys vs. Etoy struggle and the
other on the anti-biotech movement, which has been aided by hacktivism.

In other news, it appears that the ruling class is getting smug about
the failure of the Y2K bug to make much of an impact anywhere. We'll see
if this smug triumphalism lowers their guard. The Y2K bug was something
that couldn't fight back. Last year hacktivists showed what can be done
when something DOES fight back.


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