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Date Mon, 03 Jan 2000 03:14:04 -0500

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I do know for absolute sure that the satellites had some problems. They
took them offline temporarily and the expect them back up in like a
week. There were some problems with some computers at a national nuclear
reactor facility, but nothing critical. All of this is from NPR, so I
honestly don't have any specifics. I can probably dig them up if anyone
wants me too.

There were some other problems: I understood there were a lot of small
failures at the level of local government. The DC police department had
some minor problems and the DMV in DC had a massive fuck-up and all the
computer running the title issues went nuts. However, no one knows
whether it was a Y2K error or just a routine crap-out. I vote for the
later since I have seen how the DC government works. :)

An amusing personal note of Y2K disaster. My mom called me up to tell me
that she had turned all her computers in her office (about 15 or so of
various makes) off on New Year's Eve. The next morning she and my father
went to check them and she had problems galore. Three of them booted up
thinking it was 2048, one thought it was 1990, and one thought it was
02774 (My dad later figured it to be 010100 in hexadecimal code). The
rather funny part was that the ones that WORKED were all her DOS
computers from like the mid eighties that she uses for her
speech/language pathology therapy programs. Very cute.

anyone else have any other stories?

Legba Carrefour wrote
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> this came in off another list regarding y2k...
> <<No, not much happened. The US spy satellite and crypto network shut down
> because of Y2K. Several cities experiencedc glitches... The federal bank
> registered 1900 as did the test on the new york exchange.>>
> has anyone else heard anything about those sats... was it really y2k or
> something else?
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