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From stewart nash <>
Date Sun, 02 Jan 2000 22:24:33 PST

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Dear "hacktivists",
     What exactly does the term 'hacktivism' mean?  I have some doubts as to 
the ability to be a hacktivist.  One could possibly be a hack-terrorist, but 
the forced and illegitimate thievery of information seems to, in most cases, 
contradict any moral reason for the dispensation of the information.
     Activism, once again, has an unfit robe enshrouded around its meaning.  
Nuances that should only drape ... rather define terrorism, or petty 
terrorism.  The real activists seem to work within the system, they are 
those who choose to incorporate charitability and ethics into their societal 
interactions.  Those corporate persons who choose to think of the people or 
the environment; the common man or woman who chooses to forgo a small 
gratitude and give money, time, or effort to help the more needy; those that 
vote and protest in a legal manner (take a moral stand).  Those are the true 
activist, that make statements which don't contradict their philosophy.
     Pardon me.  I geuss I am adopting a little bit of a moralistic tone, 
but it just feels a little far from true to profess to being a hacker for a 
better world.  I feel that hacktivism may be a pill, or a sort of artifice, 
for relieving one's anxiety at being a bit anarchic and inducing a little 
trouble into corporate and government lives.
     I have swore to live my life in the sincerest manner.  After 
experiencing much pain and viccissitudes, I made a promise to myself to be 
honest.  I am a simple person, as you might be able to tell.  I live quite a 
plain and emotional life.  I geuss this has contributed a small bit to my 
dislike of dishonesty.  I feel that we should all be honest to ourselves.  
Let us do that.
   Anyone who would like to send me a private email feel free.  I rarely 
email or chat on the internet, again probably because of my wholesome and 
simple nature, and I hope to form a communal,intimate, and honest bond of 
comradery between all of us 'hacktivist', though I must admit that I am 
hardly a 'hacktivist'. I am so very eager to know everyone on this list.  I 
am sure that you are all intensely interesting persons.  Thank You.

                                          Sincerely yours,
                                          Stewart Nash

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