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// although there are huge corollaries between belief
// systems, i did not expect to find something when
// googling 'electromagnetic yoga' though these links
// are what materialized. there is a lot to be said
// for a conceptualization and reworking of the human
// nervous system, an understanding devoid in western
// science and society, outside of technology, as it
// stands, though just like feng shui and magnetic-
// and electromagnetic-fields being basically one
// in the same concept, it will be interesting to see
// results of mapping electromagnetic humans and the
// human nervous system in relation to yoga practices.

[em yoga] Exercise Set for Electromagnetic Frequency

[and] "The Corresponding Field and Energy Elements of Acupuncture,
Yoga and Bioelectromagnetic Medicine".  E. F. Block IV // cw=clockwise

	'As with all electromagnetic systems, there is also another field  
component 90 degrees to the CW/CCW component which is perpendicular to  
the Central. It is of lesser field strength and in phase with the  
CW/CCW. This field component is not alluded to in yoga. It is my  
experience that this component deals with the aspect of time whereas  
the CW/CCW component deals with the space aspect of the space/time  

[and] The Macrocosm Within // table of contents

	Chapter ONE A Selected History Of Subtle Energetics
	Chapter TWO Dr. Franz Antone Mesmer, M.D.
	Chapter THREE Dr. Karl, Baron von Reichenbach, Ph.D.
	Chapter FOUR Some Modern Workers
	Chapter FIVE Concepts Of Yoga
	Chapter SIX Barbara Ann Brennan
	Chapter SEVEN Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D.
	Chapter EIGHT Electromagnetic Pollution
	Chapter NINE Neurobiology
	Chapter TEN Neurotransmitters
	Chapter ELEVEN Brain Functional Hierarchy
	Chapter TWELVE Generalized Theory Of Personality
	Chapter THIRTEEN Brain Dominance And Hemispherical Thinking
	Chapter FOURTEEN Astrology
	Chapter FIFTEEN Astrobiology
	Chapter SIXTEEN Connections And Correspondences
	Chapter SEVENTEEN Health Concepts
	Chapter EIGHTEEN Disease Concepts
	Chapter NINETEEN Energy Work

[and] A Wisdom Archive on Electromagnetic Field // articles...

	EMF: Crystals: Powerful Magnifiers of Energy
	EMF: Feng Shui: FAQs on Feng Shui
	EMF: Ghost Photo: Ghost Photography
	EMF: Colour Therapy
	EMF: Vedic Gemstone Therapy
	EMF: Group Mind Principle
	EMF: Motivation and Chakras
	EMF: The Art of Channeling
	EMF: Tantra Yoga
Morphogenetic fields: Morphogenetic fields according to
Robert Gilman, Terence Mckenna and Rupert Sheldrake

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