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From brian carroll <>
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 21:14:47 -0500
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thank you Bob, I appreciate your comments... and am
also interested in making mobiles, though I've yet
to get around to making one. the idea was to work
with magnets which would be suspended by fishline
and spinners/swivels, and would be rotating enough
in proximity to other magnets to have an effect on
eachother, though not enough to get stuck together.
the idea of a mobile with magnets, amber, mirrors,
crystals, silicon as symbolic materials for EM and
light that may be worth testing out as an approach.
mobiles were suggested to me as a way to question
things pursued in other ways, and yet I find it is
easy (for me at least) to get stuck in 'perpetual
motion' questions when dealing with magnets, such
as with a mobile, could it be made to spin at all
if using magnets, or would it be a rare event. the
idea of using a small solar cell tied into a small
motor at the top of a mobile, self-powered, is an
idea yet I'm not yet capable of figuring out what
would work best. about the Van de Graff generator-
type antenna or mobile, I found a type of thread
that is used for 'highlights' (has holographic
colors on a transparent lightweight thread) and
it would seem more effective in possibly taking
a charge and moving as a result of some field-
it seems to also hang in the air. another aspect
to static fields and visualizing them is by way
of a coated shiny 'mylar' (not drafting board-
type, opaque/translucent, but metallic coating)
seems to have been mentioned on some website I
was at, when researching making a Leydon Jar.
I believe electronics companies little anti-
static pouches/zip-lock bags may be made of
this material. in any case, on its own it is
very much like thin gold leaf and may be made
into thin strips which would be highly reactive
to any heat/charge, I am guessing, as a result
of its properties and also lightness. plus it
has a wild metal sci-techno aesthetic to it.
also, driftwood is quite fascinating and there
is a parallel, to me, with circuit boards and
'etching' patterns, and it was suggested to me
to try out custom etching of circuit boards to
make maps or some 'ideas as circuits' boards,
yet the chemicals involved are extremely toxic.
it is odd because the antenna I made is based
on this strange series of branches located by
the Mississippi river here, and they reminded
me of drift-wood, as they curl up into these
intricate patterns, and even start to wrap
themselves around other branches in a self-
interlocking pattern; never seen branches like
this before, and this reminded me of driftwood.

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