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'Can This Black Box See Into the Future?': // thanks! *


'Although many would consider the project's aims to be little more than 
fools' gold, it has still attracted a roster of 75 respected scientists 
from 41 different nations. Researchers from Princeton - where Einstein 
spent much of his career - work alongside scientists from universities 
in Britain, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. The project is 
also the most rigorous and longest-running investigation ever into the 
potential powers of the paranormal.


''There's plenty of evidence that time may run backwards,' says Prof 
Bierman at the University of Amsterdam. 'And if it's possible for it to 
happen in physics, then it can happen in our minds, too.'


'For what his [Dr Roger Nelson, emeritus researcher at Princeton 
University in the United States, who is heading the research project 
behind the 'black box' phenomenon] experiments appear to demonstrate is 
that while we may all operate as individuals, we also appear to share 
something far, far greater - a global consciousness. Some might call it 
the mind of God.
'We're taught to be individualistic monsters,' he says. 'We're driven 
by society to separate ourselves from each other. That's not right. We 
may be connected together far more intimately than we realise.'

[and] Global Consciousness Project
Registering Coherence and Resonance in the World
- Global Correlations in Random Data

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