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electromagnetic observations -- # 0

* here's a test format for an occasional list of links
not at newsweek speed. i'm making stuff right now
related to faraday cages and geomagnetism so some
links relate to this. i am foregoing writing where
links came from to save time/energy (via domains).
if others want to produce their own observations,
that would be great too, so they could be shared
between observations and urls that may be particular
to one's own view of things. that is the big mystery
to me- what everyone else is thinking/sensing about
electromagnetism. what is it that intrigues, what
areas or topics or experiences. it ranges from the
paranormal to science and mathematics, from art and
culture to technology, in any detail or generality.
so i wonder what aspects interest others. one idea
is to make a file and to compile some ideas and a
few urls to share. another would be to send a list
of unique urls (not mass media top stories, most
likely, as most probably have seen these) to my
account and i can also include them. though it
would be great if these observations could start
to be shared on list to see what others are now
focusing on or learning about. one thing that
interests me is how 'geomagnetic' landscapes as
plotted by sensors on the ground and by magnetic
sensing satellites, are much like topographic
maps of terrain. and a project i am doing right
now will seek to compare this EM landscape with
the EM mindscape of MRI/PET/CT scans, which look
quite similar, as with the idea of 'the land'...
some examples to follow in a few days. so in the
mean-time here are some urls i've been compiling...

* the idea of a computer-controlled photographic camera
would be useful for experimenting and advancing techniques.
if one could integrate digital cameras in a preprorammed
circuit, such as including a motion sensor or varying shutter
speeds or timed-intervals based on other factors (such as, if
trying to capture planes flying through the sky overhead, to
have a camera's sensor detect when an object enters the field
of view, then to adjust settings to light and speed based on
variables (day, night) to explore what cameras could do if
not limited by human endurance. like robotic interactions.

* any updated version of Dante's version of hell should
include a prominent place for dial-up internet access...

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any bounced messages when the problem was restored-- so it
is possible that e-mail was lost if it was sent to me. if
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Who will become the Intel of photography?

	'Blue overtones, red fringing, washed-out detail, jagged edges in  
smooth surfaces, shadows--all these are common problems caused by  
hiccups in the processing chain of digital photos or video.'

HP's 'Crossbar Latch' to Replace Transistors?

Focus Narrows in Search for Autism's Cause

	'Researchers agree that an unknown number of genes interact with  
unidentified environmental factors  to produce the disorder. The new  
clues  focus on brain development and circuitry, and especially on the  
brain's white matter. White matter contains fibers that connect neurons  
in separate areas of the brain, whereas gray matter contains the  
neurons themselves. "You can think of this distinction as analogous to  
that between cables, or white matter, and circuit boards, or gray  
matter, inside a computer," said Dr. Matthew Belmonte, an autism  
researcher at the University of Cambridge in England. "Even though each  
individual circuit board may be intact, if the cables are disrupted  
then the computer can't function."'

Faraday cage

	'Some traditional architectural materials act as Faraday shields in  
practice. These include plaster with wire mesh, and rebar concrete.  
These will impact the use of cordless phones and wireless networks  
inside buildings and houses.'

Inside Our "Crab Trap" Faraday Cage...Some of Our Most unique  
http://www.angelfire.com/ tx4/ionwind/faraday.html
Faraday Cage in a Paint Can
Electric fields and potential // experiment radio in cage
www.physics.auburn.edu/ ~demo/em/5b/5b20_35.htm
faraday experiment

U.S. Nuclear Weapons in Europe // see map on cryptome.org
A review of post-Cold War policy, force levels, and war planning.

Environmentalists push for a 'greener' iPod

India and China battle over Russian oil // Yukos...

headline: Kyoto Protocol To Come Into Effect // this week... (2/14)

schematic diagram depicting
the functional configuration of an MRI unit:


Magnetic Surveys by Bicycle

Geophysical Remote Sensing // EM landscapes...

NYC 2012 olympics // interesting EM lights banner ad

see: The Geodynamo // graphic of earth as alpha-omega dynamo...


Environmental Magnetism // wow.

  	'Introduction:  Environmental magnetism investigates processes and  
their results in which magnetic particles will be transported,  
sedimented and resedimented using rockmagnetic and palaeomagnetic  
methods. Nearly all dusts contain magnetic particles which can be  
distinguished by their kind, grainsize and magnetic properties.  
Especially anthropogenic dusts originate from processes of combustion  
show a mineral phase like magnetite. These dusts contain spherical  
particles that can be easily observed by using a microscope. It is  
frequently possible to distinguish between anthropogenic and geogenic  
dusts with regard to its origin. Our aim is now to use the recorded  
magnetic properties (mainly susceptibility) to detect the grade of  

wiki: Nikola Tesla

Intermagnet: Inte rnational Real-time Mag netic Observatory Net work

	'Welcome to INTERMAGNET - the global network of observatories,  
monitoring the Earth's magnetic field. At this site you can find data  
and information from geomagnetic observatories around the world.'

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