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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #162 of 162

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (01/28/2005)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

This is the last EM newsletter, #162 of 162. The idea of
exploring electromagnetic culture in the daily news cycle
has been demonstrated through the newsletter for some time
now and I would like to focus the energy that goes into it
towards other goals. The Electronetwork list is unmoderated
so if anyone wants to share their ideas or work it would be
welcomed and appreciated. If no one posts for a few months
the list may go into hibernation, and may be reincarnated
at another time and place, such as a blog with RSS, etc.
In the meantime, it anyone has a list of 10 links that
they'd like to share about their own EM work or interests,
such as a few links to interesting papers or whatnot, one
option would be for some of the ~130 people to share some
of the content they find online that may interest others.
Such as '10 links to e-art' or '5 links to EM medicine'
or whatever it might be. It's wide-open, and by now most
of what was in the newsletter can probably be deciphered
in the news headlines. There are also archives to access.
Therefore, the newsletter format is no longer going to be
sent out, though other content may or may not be e-mailed.
Thanks to those who helped contribute with links & ideas.
I will be focusing on other aspects of the site/project.

* the ceremonies for remembering the anniversity of the
Nazi holocaust involved the recorded sound of a train,
with box cars opening their doors. there are instances
where such audio effects are used in other applications,
such as the sample of a camera's shutter on a digital
camera without the same mechanism. yet the memorial or
memories evoked through the sound of trains on the train-
tracks, a ghost train, spoke through the television and
was a powerful way of communicating events beyond words.

* the recent software announcements out of Apple Computer have
a unique requirement for hardware:  a DVD drive is necessary.
that is, software is shipping on DVDs now so multiple CDs would
likely not still be used, and if your computer does not have a
DVD drive, it would seem another reason for machinery upgrades.

01) --top stories--

Plane Forced to Land; Dirty Bomb Link Investigated // .US (drudge)

EU Makes No Headway on Iran Nuke Program

	'Iran publicly insists it only seeks to make low-grade enriched  
uranium for nuclear fuel. But the summary of the last meeting on the  
issue involving representatives of France, Britain, Germany and Iran  
says Tehran acknowledged what Washington and its allies have argued all  
along -- that the oil-rich country has no need for nuclear energy.' ..  
'"Iran recognizes explicitly that its fuel cycle program cannot be  
justified on economic grounds," the document says.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Plastic brains help the blind place sounds
Brain areas for vision are co-opted for locating sound in space.

Bead 'slashes mobile radiation' // *** ferrite beads...

	'Dr Porter, who has looked at the use of ferrite beads, said:  
"Hands-free kits effectively have two currents, an intentional one that  
stays within the wires and an unintentional one on the outside.' ..  
'"It is the unintentional one the beads stop. They work by blocking the  
current, a bit like a block in a water pipe."'

[see] Ferrites // examples of above mentioned 'beads'...

Foot Massage Machine Snares Woman's Foot

Technology Reminds Sick to Take Pills // (gizmodo.com)

	'The patented bottle contains an electronic chip that sends an SMS to  
a secure central server when the cap is removed. The SMS includes a  
unique pill box identification number.' .... 'The patients' pill-taking  
schedules were programmed into the tamper-proof pill bottles by the  
pharmacist who dispenses their medicines, said Green.'

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Mobile virus infects Lexus cars // ** via engadget.com

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

No more secrets for 'central bank of oil' // ** Aramco. reg.req

[and] Welcome to the AramcoBrats Website!

	'AramcoBrats are the folks who grew up in the oil camps of the  
Arabian-American Oil Company (ARAMCO) in Saudi Arabia. AramcoBrats,  
Inc. (ABI) was formed to help us stay in touch with one another.'

Massively magnetic stars forged in supernovae // magnetars

06-- Electromagnetic current & human affairs

Watching brain waves could quantify libido // p300 amplitude

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

Nokia to produce single-chip mobile phone from Texas Instruments

[and] Chip ushers in the disposable mobile
By squeezing most of the computing functions needed by a mobile phone  
onto one chip, Texas Instruments might make handsets so cheap that  
companies can dish them out like confetti. Bad news for the environment?

	'Dean Bubley, founder of analyst firm Disruptive Analysis, believes  
that it could help to push the cost of making a basic mobile phone as  
low as $25 within a couple of years, which would mean handsets could  
actually be given away.'

Block I -Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC)
How to build one in your basement // via engadget.com

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

Dark matter clouds may float through Earth // 'phantom clouds'

Computational Electromagnetism

	'the  mathematical and numerical modeling of electromagnetic phenomena  
in nonlinear  three-dimensional systems taking mechanical and thermal  
effects into account.' .... '... high frequencies (from a few hundred  
kilohertz to several gigahertz) are becoming widespread in  
electrotechnical applications, and this may obscure the classical  
distinction between purely electrotechnical applications and wave  
propagation applications.  In other words, industrial needs of  
numerical model tend to become more and more  multidisciplinary and  
complex. They often necessitate a true coupled model which implies  the  
simultaneous solving of several strongly coupled physical fields.'

[google] mirror neurons

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Google to branch into television // audiovisual indices...

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

[headline] Video plea by US hostage in Iraq

US 'terminates' Iranian website
Iran has accused the US government of ordering an American internet  
service provider to stop hosting the website of an official Iranian  
news agency.

	'A senior official in the Iranian ministry of Islamic guidance, which  
handles the media, accused the US government of breaching human rights  
by allegedly ordering the move.' .. 'He said it was a sign that Iran  
could not trust the US or Europe.' .. 'The BBC's Frances Harrison in  
Tehran says the incident has prompted renewed pressure on Iran and  
other Islamic nations to build up their own satellite communications  

[relevant] Al Qaeda's New Front // via drudgereport.com

	'"It might come as a surprise to many Americans," says correspondent  
Lowell Bergman, "But the most pressing threat to the United States is  
not the suspected Al Qaeda cells at home, but rather the cells  
operating overseas, especially in Western Europe."' .. 'Home to an  
estimated 18 million Muslims, Western Europe has become the new and  
deadly battleground in the war on terror...'

11-- electromagnetic business & economics


12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

[quote] Codework Self-Negated

	'Agency always produces circuitry.'

Arthur Ganson MACHINES // kinetic sculpture. via nova...

hard wired devices // via engadget.com

multishelf // remote control storage...

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