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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #161

00) Electronetwork.org Commentary (01/24/2005)

01) Top Stories of Electromagnetism
02) Electromagnetic health & safety
03) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
04) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
05) Electromagnetic power & energy
06) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
07) Electromagnetic transport & communication
08) Electromagnetic matter & information
09) Electromagnetic trends & inventions
10) Electromagnetic weaponry & warfare
11) Electromagnetic business & economics
12) Electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

00) --commentary--

no real comments excepting the ongoing nuclear dilemmas
in the middle-east (though good news with peace process
developments elsewhere) and the upcoming vote in .IQ this
weekend with a story below describing using decentralized
text messaging to networkj civilians against Saddamism...

01) --top stories--

What the Pentagon can now do in secret. // *** must read...

	'The American task force, aided by the information from Pakistan, has  
been penetrating eastern Iran from Afghanistan in a hunt for  
underground installations. The task-force members, or their locally  
recruited agents, secreted remote detection devices—known as  
sniffers—capable of sampling the atmosphere for radioactive emissions  
and other evidence of nuclear-enrichment programs.'

[& quote] Britain 'argues against Iran attack'

	'Vice-President Dick Cheney, declaring on a radio talk show this week  
that Iran was "right at the top of the list" of global problems, warned  
that Israel might launch a pre-emptive strike on its own to shut down  
Iran's nuclear program.'

[related] Iran blames terrorism on US unilateral policy

Germans arrest 'al-Qaeda members' // nuke plot...

Text Messaging Lets Iraqis Tip Authorities // *** .IQ citizen net-war...

	'At a time when U.S. and Iraqi security forces are desperate for  
information on attacks -- preferably in advance -- mobile phone text  
messages allow civilians to pass on information from a discreet  
distance, their identities shielded from security forces and their  
neighbors.' .. 'Although a cell phone displays the caller's number,  
phone records are so chaotic in Iraq that chances are slim anyone could  
track down a tipster. And text messages can be sent to the most trusted  
officer, a far safer avenue than calling a police station that might be  
riddled with informants.'

02-- electromagnetic health & safety

Ground-Breaking Research Into Effect Of
Millimetric Waveband (MMW) Frequencies On Human Skin

Mexico Begins Sound Wave Project
Despite concerns that sonar could harm whales, sea turtles and fish,  
scientists begin a research project using seismic pulses in the Gulf of  
Mexico. They want to learn more about an asteroid that may have wiped  
out the dinosaurs.

Docs: 2 many txt msgs R bad 4 yr hlth // via drudgereport.com
Excessive text messaging may lead to acute tendonitis, Italian doctors  

03-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

// great idea: curbside 'electronics recycling box' for pickup...

How to make a greener computer // *

	'A well-designed electronic component is able to be recycled at low  
cost.' .. 'This is going to be very important to hardware manufacturers  
in Europe since from August the new Waste Electronic and Electrical  
Equipment directive will oblige them to accept returned products for  
recycling.' .. 'They will end up paying if they build things that are  
expensive or impossible to take apart and will find their profits hit,  
something which is likely to motivate them where appeals to the wider  
public interest might fall on deaf ears.' .. 'It is, as they say, about  

04-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

google for unsecured security cameras
geocamming — unsecurity cameras revisited

Website Closed by Department of Homeland Security
"Primum non nocere" // cryptome.org

05-- electromagnetic power & energy

// of the billions of things that can be done to address energy
// issues, this is the one that becomes the primary strategy?!?
// in terms of energy policy it would seem ludicrous, though it
// may just be about the exercise of industrial political power.

U.S. to expand oil drilling in Alaska // incredible as-in 'not  

	'Bisson {BLM's Alaska director} called the decision to open the  
northeastern corner "one of the most difficult projects that we have  
attempted yet at BLM {Bureau of Land Management}" but said the reason  
was simple: "The country needs access to its oil and gas resources and  
this area is a petroleum reserve."'

Fuel protests in Bolivia swell // **

Santos oil find bodes well for Indonesia

06-- Electromagnetic current & human affairs

Man robs doughnut business with laser // via engadget.com

	'Other than possibly damaging the retina of the eye, laser pointers  
can't cause any injury, said Kristen Dean, spokeswoman for East  
Jefferson General Hospital. But criminals use the pointers to trick  
people into believing the pointers are attached to something deadly  
such as a gun, said Ernest Davis, sales manger at Lasermate Group Inc.,  
a California manufacturer of laser pointers.'

07-- electromagnetic transport & communication

// Google could do well if it offered a free 'SPOT' broadcast service
// for local communities, by purchasing/leasing public EM spectrum from
// the media conglomerates who are now dominating cable and complaining
// of requirements for broadcasting views on the 'public' airwaves. if
// free weather/data and other services signals were sent atop EM waves
// to cellphones, PDAs, and other computers, they could tune in to free
// information that is redundant, without the need for resending it over
// the network (cellular or broadband landline). the advertising schemes
// for corporate television could become audiovisual dataservices, sent
// by radio though with data services added. (sports, weather, news...).
// then original queries could go through the network for custom Q&A...

Google gears up for a free-phone challenge to BT // ** via drudge...

	'The company behind the US-based internet search engine looks set to  
launch a free telephone service that links users via a broadband  
internet connection using a headset and home computer.'

[and] Is Google Planning a VoIP Service?

	'"The appeal for Google is obvious: search for something, then 'click  
here' if you'd like to speak to the company that's selling what you're  
looking for," Hewett continues. "Google then collects a fee from the  
'sponsor' for each voice connection. Voice calls with very little cost  
AND funded by advertising. What a sweet extension to Google's  
advertising-driven business model!" he writes.'

// an example of the value of EM education, and techno-archaeology
// in gaining a better informed understanding of everyday culture...

Inside iPod // ** deconstructing the iPod. via theinquirer.net
Apple doesn't want to spill the secret sauce,
but we tear down its mega-seller music machine.

08-- electromagnetic matter & information

hack a day (beta) // via engadget.com

France's Soaring Millau Bridge Seen From Orbit // sat.img

X-ray Movies Reveal Insect Flight, Muscle Motion

	'necessary to resolve the changes in the crystal-like configuration of  
molecules responsible for generating the rapid contractions of the  
muscle with a resolution of 6/10,0000th of a second.' .. 'The flight  
simulator, which fools a tethered fly into “thinking” it is flying  
freely through the air, is necessary to produce a stable pattern of  
wing motion and enabled the researchers to capture X-ray images at  
different stages of muscle contraction.' .. 'By combining the  
technologies, the researchers could reconstruct a “movie” of the  
molecular changes in the powerful muscles as they lengthen and shorten  
to drive the wings back and forth 200 times each second.'

Optical Innovator Uses Soda-straw-like Tubes To Solve
Widespread Sensing Problems // oil-water interface sensor...

[non-em] Pure water washes greener // future washing machines...
Gas-free water cleans greasy stains without soap.

Sunspot cluster ejects huge radiation storm // ** Evasive actions taken  

	'Solar flares occur when energy stored in magnetic fields above  
sunspots is suddenly released. In this case, the offending sunspot grew  
into a cluster eight times the diameter of Jupiter in about five days.'

09-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

// wonder if everything charged needs to be the same voltage, or if
// the number of coils on a receiver are variable, such as differnt
// types of generators and transformers. also: just read that Sculpey
// modeling clay was invented to take heat off of e-power transformers.
// it failed work properly, so someone made a small sculpture with it...

One charging pad could power up all gadgets // wireless power...

how-to make a ‘usb battery’

Mini Me: The New Mac Mini is All About Movies.
By Robert X. Cringely. // *** future media infrastructure...

	'I think the Mac Mini is a fixed component in a system that will   
extend iTunes to selling and distributing movies.'

10-- electromagnetic weaponry & warfare

[headline] Radiation Sensors Deployed as Boston Probes Threat //  

Diplomat: IAEA Tours Egyptian Laboratory

Military Reloads with Nanotech // nanoenergentics. mini-nukes. (wired)

	'With funding from the U.S. government, [National Laboratories] are  
researching how to manipulate the flow of energy within and between  
molecules, a field known as nanoenergentics...'

Army prepares armed 'robo-soldier' for Iraq // SWORDS

[images] 'Robot soldiers' bound for Iraq

11-- electromagnetic business & economics

TiVo losing ground fast in battle for survival // via macsurfer.com

Creative Industries: from properties to relationships

12-- electromagnetic artworks & artifacts

Décor by Timothy Leary // ** virtual trip...

	'I had been somewhat skeptical, but was still hoping for more, given  
what I had learned about the machine and its history. Mr. Gysin and Mr.  
Sommerville built the first Dreamachine after learning of research by  
John Smythies and W. Grey Walter, scientists who had noted in  
experiments that light flickering at 8 to 12 flashes a second against a  
subject's closed eyelids seemed to slow the electrical pulse rate of  
the subject's brain to a state of semiconsciousness known as the alpha  
state and produce rich dreamlike imagery.'

[non-em] Wild Things Are on the Beach // wind-powered walking machines

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